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Bring in the new year fresh

New new new
New new new

So it’s the beginning of the year. Your party dress has been hung up, you’ve spent a total of 7 hours at the gym, you’re dying to have a cigarette or use profanity again and you also are still single. Being single is the best part of starting off the year. It is a common misconception that having a date on NYE is a bonafide relationship proposal for the year to come. But starting the year off solo can only enhance the opportunity you have to broaden you’re single experience and really make the best decision for yourself.

Resolutions abound during the month. People are deciding what they can and can’t live without. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to focus on you for a couple of weeks. Increase you’re value by sticking to those resolutions, giving yourself some extra attention and making a game plan for what you want out of your dating life this year. When you have a clear head of what you can handle and what you want from friendships and relationships then you can quickly get rid of qualities and situations that are no good for you.

It’s very cold out in Baltimore so if you aren’t in the house running up you’re BGE bill then warm up with some friends at the newest club in Baltimore, MIST. Mist is the newest addition to the Power Plant community with the biggest dance floor in the city and multiple bars. Cancun Cantina in Hanover offers two different night clubs in one. On Saturdays the club is an all out beach party. The DJ will keep you sweating to the point where you don’t even remember its January.

Going out on the town can be relaxing as well as energetic. Getting together with friends and having a good time will get your mind off the stress of finding a love for the year and get you to realize that you are out there and if it’s going to happen this year it won’t be because you are stressing about it.
Baltimore Restaurant week is January 22- February 7. So once you meet that hottie out partying book your reservations early. Don’t let the cold get you down. Keep your calendar busy and you’re head up. It’s a new year and you have a clean slate being single.


  • Connie27 5 years ago

    keep posting!

  • Juanita_Sims 5 years ago

    Awesome article!!

  • Cherry_BombNYC 5 years ago

    you write well.

  • RiRiRenee1976 5 years ago

    i didn't know it was restaurant week. where have i been??

  • Tekoa 5 years ago

    RiRi it's the Winter Restaurant Week. There are two a year I believe.

  • RiRiRenee1976 5 years ago

    i thought so. my ex and i went to Fogo De Chao last year during restaurant week but it was not cold out. i guess thats why i find myself reading the dating advice. THANKS!

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