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Bring in the clowns

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The government shutdown is turning into a circus and the members of Congress are the clowns. Unfortunately all of the people in the United States who are feeling the pain of this fiasco are like the unwitting guy who gets hit over the head with the bat while the clowns run around laughing.

It doesn't matter whether one is Republican, Democrat or Independent. Although the Senators and Representatives continue to collect their salaries and reap their benefits, that isn't so for the people who actually pay their salaries and trust them to do real negotiation for the benefit of the country--its citizens. This is a stalemate that is setting back the fledgling recovery of the economy and making us look like fools to the world. We preach democracy and look what is happening here.

Why must every issue involving Obamacare bring this country to the edge of the cliff? This is like a tragic circus act where the animals run the show, not the trainers. The bill was supported 42 times and declared legal in court, so why must we constantly revisit what has already supposedly passed muster and bring the government to a screeching halt in the process? Sure the Affordable Health Care Act is not perfect as it stands and there are lots of tweaks that need to be applied and glitches to be worked out. But that should be a separate issue, not part of keeping this country running or dealing with the debt ceiling which will most likely be our next "created" crisis. It seems like Congress is throwing the baby out with the bathwater to use a cliche. Think of the domino effect, which is obviously something Ted Cruz and his Tea Party supporters do not do as indicated by his pompous commentary.

When asked by Candy Crowley on Sunday morning what people should do for good health care, Cruz flippantly said something to the effect that the best way to get good health care is to get a good job.

Excuse me. Crowley's jaw dropped. Has he not seen the unemployment figures that, by the way, is surely increasing in number daily because of this orchestrated shutdown . Witness the lone person in the accompanying photo. Where are the guides, where are the government workers and the attractions for people visiting the United States from all over the world? Well the workers are trying to figure out how to pay their bills until they have income again while Congress has no problem because their salaries are not affected, and the government attractions are closed so many visitors who have spent good money to visit the United States are going away with a bad taste in their mouths. Not exactly a good job.

John Boehner claims that the President and the Senate Democrats have refused to negotiate on their demand for a clean bill, one devoid of Obamacare and attempts to shift all of the blame to President Obama and the Senate Democrats. Has he forgotten how many times in the past several years Republicans have walked out of attempted negotiations or totally stonewalled attempts, refused to introduce bills, turned down requests for the budget negotiations 18 times which earned them the moniker of "The Party of No?" Now that the tables have turned it's "boo hoo" time because apparently Boehner and his House cronies feel only the Republicans are allow to chant "no" at every opportunity. Net result: everything grinds to a standstill as we wait to see who blinks first.

With congressional approval ratings down as low as 5%, do you think this is any way to run a country? How would you proceed if you were a member of Congress. Please weigh in with your comments.


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