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Bring 'Sexy Back' pronto: revitalize your inner vixen

Justin Timberlake made the song infamous, now you need to mimic his swagger and bring 'Sexy Back.'
Justin Timberlake made the song infamous, now you need to mimic his swagger and bring 'Sexy Back.'
(AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

Whether you're single and ready to mingle, single and not looking, in a relationship, engaged, married, newly divorced, or any other possible marital status combination you can think of, every woman wants to feel sexy. If you are one of those rare "I hate feeling sexy and beautiful" ones, this article is not for you. Go ahead and click off my page. I'll wait...

Ok, now all of you chicas who are in need of a serious (albeit sexy) boost to your confidence, try these four simple tricks. If this doesn't work, email me and I'll give more free tips.

  1.  Go lingerie shopping. Nothing zaps energy or sex appeal faster than a drawer full of granny panties and beige bras! So, if you haven't been undergarment shopping in the last six months (the very blessed chested women need to buy new bras ever 3-4 months), you need to head on over to a lingerie department quickly! Nordstroms has a wonderful selection of bras, and their personal shopper will go fetch whatever you wish while you try them on. Victoria Secret, an oldie but goodie, carries very tongue-in-cheek cute bra and panty sets. Fredericks of Hollywood oozes sex appeal for those willing (and ready) to explore a more daring side. Go in, try on a few sets that catch your eye, and do a model walk in the dressing room. Do some poses that you've learned from watching America's Next Top Model. Don't worry, no one is watching but you!
  2. Tie me up, tie me down literature. Women make up a huge percentage of book buyers every year. It's not hard for the average woman to read one to three books per year. So why not try reading some wonderful (and very naughty) erotica. It will spur your creativity and turn you on faster than if you were watching a XXX movie. The reason is because our brains are the central offices for our sexy zone. If you can't turn your brain on, then honey, nothing else will get turned on either.
  3. Play with your food. Seriously! If you need a boost in sex appeal, that means all aspects of your daily life need a boost. Since most of us eat between three to six meals per day, why not practice with food? Try nibbling on fruit or licking an ice cream as if it were the best dang thing you've ever tasted. Place food on a fork or spoon and bring it to your mouth ever so slowly. Look in a mirror and practice. (Try these tricks on your next date and see what happens...)
  4. Strip it off. This can be done in the privacy of your home thanks to Carmen Electra and others who have made exercise dvds on the art of stripping. Besides a great workout, you get cool routines that you can use to virtually any sexy song you choose. If you want more of an interactive affair, then you need to head to your local dance studio that offers pole dancing classes. I guarantee that you will leave the class feeling so damn sexy, small animals will try to flirt with you and take you home.

These are just a few (and inexpensive) ways to get back into your sexy groove. If you would like more, please email me.

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