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Bring reusable bags to CVS and Target and save money

Save money by bringing your reusable bags to CVS and Target.
Save money by bringing your reusable bags to CVS and Target.
Marla Blair

Reusable bags are becoming more and more popular as more stores offer them at a discount (or free) to customers. They're a way for the store to advertise and for the customer to cut back on waste. There are now two new deals that you can take advantage of when you use your reusable bags to save a bit of money while you're saving the planet.

First, CVS has introduced the "Green Bag Tag." For 99 cents, you get a small, leaf-shaped tag with a bar code on the back. The tag also has a cord that you can use to attach it to your favorite reusable bag. Each time you use a reusable bag at CVS, the cashier will scan your tag (and your ExtraCare card). After every four scans, you will be awarded a $1 ExtraCare Buck for use on a future purchase. This means that after your first four scans, you'll be paid back for the initial purchase of the tag, and then you'll continue receiving a dollar for every four scans. The tag notes that the program can be changed or discontinued at any time.

Next, Target has started rewarding customers who bring reusable bags with five cents per bag off of your purchase. Five cents may not seem like a lot, but in this economy, every little bit helps! So don't forget your reusable bags the next time you head out to Target.

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