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Bring on the gardening

Has it happened to you yet? Have you walked the aisles of the garden center just to get your spring fix? This time of the year is hard for me because I can’t wait to get dirt under my fingernails; so instead, I will write about the joys, and benefits, of gardening.

Gardening can improve the beauty of your surroundings or put vegetables on your plate and it’s also excellent therapy for stress relief. Here is a list of just some of the benefits of gardening:

• Gardening promotes physical health

• Improves mental health through relaxation and satisfaction

• Promotes better nutrition

• Helps prevent dementia in seniors

• Promotes the eating of more whole foods in place of processed options

• Provides extra food for the family

• Savings on food purchases

• Another means of income if sold at local farmers markets

• Relaxation and stress reduction

• A stronger connection to the earth

Gardens may even help with healing

• Gardening is a solitary, meditative experience

Community gardens, backyard plots, and even window boxes are gaining in popularity. Decide what type of garden works for you and then, get planting!

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