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Bring on the Fireworks this 4th of July with Hornitos Tequila‏

Hornitos...Not just any tequila!
Melissa Moreno

America's birthday is only a few short days away and it's not too late to begin planning your weekend celebration! No matter what your holiday plans include, there will definitely be fireworks. The great thing about this patriotic holiday is that it's a very low-maintenance occasion, one that requires very little in the way of special attire, decorations, and even refreshments. This particular holiday can be just as spectacular with a basic red, white and blue theme, casual dress and simple food and drink options.

Make your party shine this year, above all others with specialized drinks and food to fit with the holiday theme. Not only can you incorporate red, white and blue into your menu, but you can also create drinks with catchy names that will not only get the attention of your guests, but keep them coming back for more!

For this year's 4th of July celebration, why not spark your own fireworks for friends and family with a bit of Hornitos Tequila? Whether hanging out by the pool, at a smokin' BBQ or at an inside venue, take your party to the next level with Hornitos because it's not just any tequila!

Strawberry Fireworks

3 parts Hornitos Plata Tequila
Handful of fresh strawberries
Juice from 1 lime
2 teaspoons super-fine sugar
Fresh pepper
1 cup club soda

Preparation: Put strawberries in a small pitcher and mash to your desired consistency. Add juice, club soda, Hornitos® Plata and combine along with 4 good grinds from the pepper mill. Fill 2 glasses halfway with ice and divide drink among glasses.

Hornitos® Lime Shot takes the process out of the whole tequila experience. No need for blenders or the traditional tequila ritual, this shot already combines the salt + tequila + lime! Serve the shot chilled in a glass for the ultimate Lime Shot experience.

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