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Bring Hope To The Blind Of India

Gift Of Sight
Gift Of Sight
Tej Kohli Foundation

Pledge To Donate Your Eyes After Death

The gift of sight is perhaps the greatest gift you can ever give – a blessed miracle that allows our eyes to live on long after our passing, bringing sight and hope to not one, but two people.

As you read these words, look up from your computer and look around you at the miraculous wonders and amazing beauty of the world. Feel awed and inspired and experience the joy of sight. Now think, how would feel to never see another sunrise or the smile on your child’s face? Worldwide, millions of people are deprived of this joy.

When you sign a pledge card to donate your eyes at death, you can feel a sense of pride knowing your selfless and noble act will provide the means for others that had lost all hope of ever seeing the morning stars again.

Corneal Blindness Robs The Vision Of Millions Worldwide

While there is no way to accurately know the number of blind people in the world, the most recent figures compiled by the World Health Organization (WHO) indicate that there are more than 285 million visually impaired people worldwide of which 39 million are blind and 246 million have low vision. Greater than 90 percent of visually impaired people in the world live in developing countries; primarily those located in Africa and Asia.

Although India has made impressive economic progress over the past 20 years, India remains the poorest country in the world. More than 51 percent of its population or 844 million people exist in oppressive poverty. Approximately 15 million in India are blind. While the largest percentage of this number is persons over 50 years old, many of those that suffer in unrelenting darkness are children. Of this number as many as 4 million people have lost their vision due to disease or eye injuries, the majority of which are preventable.

What Is Corneal Blindness?

The tragic result of disease or damage to the delicate transparency of the cornea, corneal blindness causes include a deficiency of vitamin A, a congenital disease, a fungal, bacterial or viral infection that assaults the cornea or injury to the eye.

India’s healthcare experts predict that if the present trend continues, the number of blind people in India will grow to more than 10.6 million by the year 2020. Sadly a huge percentage of that number will be young children.

Corneal Transplant Surgery Restores Vision

Due to remarkable advances in medical technology, when the fragile cornea is damaged and fails to function properly, corneal transplant surgery, an extremely delicate procedure to replace the damaged, opaque cornea with a healthy and clear cornea obtain from a human donor, has a 90 percent success ratio. However, because of the limitations of poverty and the lack of enough organ donors in India, that is a healing option denied to the majority of India’s blind.

Providing Grants To Cover The Cost Of Eye Transplant Surgery

For blind persons in India without resources, the Tej Kohli Foundation brings new hope. By providing monthly grants to offset the cost of corneal transplant surgery, the Tej Foundation’s generous financial help has given the gift of sight to tens of thousands of India’s visually impaired.

The transplant surgery is carried out by Niramaya, a Gurgaon based NGO. The foundation provides funding not only for Gurgaon; they give funds for every additional city in India where the blindness intervention program expands.

Mr. Tej Kohli, Founder and President of the Tej Kohli Foundation is passionately dedicated to promoting eye awareness programs to help educate India’s poor about their eyes, how they should protect and care for them as well as trying to educate the public in why it is so very important that they help others by committing to donate their eyes at death so that others might see.

Mr. Kohli noted, “The programs of Kohli Foundation are comprised of passionate people committed to addressing the critical needs of young people in India, Costa Rica and beyond. By inspiring communities, states and nations, by motivating individuals and institutions, by supporting local leaders with programs and facilities at community level, we will make a difference in the lives of millions of children.”

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