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Bring Fido website helps owners travel with their dogs

Bring Fido is the perfect website for those planning to travel with their dogs at any time. Readers will be happy to learn about the site that helps dog owners locate motels, hotels and vacation condos that will accept dogs.

Check vacation spots for pet accomodations.
Pat Anthony-Pet Examiner

Bring Fido might not be new to some. This site is a great one for anyone not willing to leave their dog or dogs at home with a pet sitter or family member while they travel.

By using the site travelers can learn what the fees are to include their dog on their vacation. It seems most places charge a refundable deposit for each dogs. A few hotels or motels do charge an extra fee per day for each dog that is included in the reservation.

Traveling with pets often does cost extra, but most who are not willing to leave 'Fido' behind are willing to pay the fees necessary to bring their furry friends along.

It seems some locations do list a limit of two dogs, which some may feel is reasonable. Those planning a vacation will no doubt have to check online before heading for a favorite vacation spot. Using the Bring Fido site could make things easier.

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