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Bring back the soul of Detroit jazz

Maxine Michaels (Detroit radio show host)
Maxine Michaels (Detroit radio show host)
M. M.

The last radio station known to play jazz in the metro- Detroit area was 98.7 which has now switched to satellite radio leaving a huge void for jazz lovers. Prior to that was WGPR which hailed Detroit's own Maxine Michaels as one of the leading hosts.

Music with respectability first comes from the many artist who create it. This energy is then magnified by responsible radio personalities and turns into something that we can all live with, grow with and be proud of generations later. Maxine Michaels is one of those responsible people who, in her years as a prominent Disc Jockey has always used her position to spread love to the masses by supporting local and mainstream jazz artist and playing the music that hundreds of Detroit citizens had grown accustomed to. Through her efforts each listener was able to receive great and respectful music. We need Maxine Michaels and others like her back on the air without further delay!!!

"As a Jazz listener I would love to hear some Jazz music on WGPR again. Jazz emcompasses every musical genre out there. As a Jazz listener I am asking to have some variety by adding jazz  back to the program line up at WGPR!" - Vanessa Chubb (TV Producer & Host)