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Bring back the old days

There are times when the twenty first century is more than one could bear. The stress of learning something high tech, trying to get use to the way they make cars, cell phones chattering all the time, noise, noise and more noise, and no place for quiet solitude. We are always fighting somebody, and the weather, well, people make it sound like it is changing. What we need is some old fashion virtues, common sense, and morals.

Now, I know some scientist is just chomping at the bits to say this is all an evolutionary process we are experiencing,and he is trying to find proof. But I got some good news for him, there is no proof; no more than us being descended from a monkey, or fish, or some such nonsense. Even now they supposedly are finding new ancestors or "new" specifies. What we need is to reel in all of this nonsense and trash it.

There is a new broadcast company coming on line, on the internet- sorry, that will thrust us back to the days of yore. Back to the days of simplicity, imagination, and good clean music and comedy. This broadcast company, called MyrtleTree Broadcasting Company, is forming a new radio station in west central Ohio, with more to come, that will play music and shows from the the 1920's to the 1950's. Old radio shows such as Dinah Shore, Fibber McGee and Molly, The Shadow, and more will be broadcast on The Old Tyme Family Radio. Bringing back the nostalgia that many people yearn for. Sundays will be dedicated to spiritual programming.

After the radio station is on the air, Olde Tyme Family Tv will make its debut. Also dedicated to family programming from the same time periods. There is a need for this kind of programming, and MyrtleTree Broadcasting is there to fill that need. These programs will be streamed on the internet around the world.

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