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9 year old shares list of 'boyfriend rules' with 6 year old sis. Brilliant!

A 9 year old girl gave her 6 year old sister amazing dating advice. Do you agree?
A 9 year old girl gave her 6 year old sister amazing dating advice. Do you agree?

The Roger Post: "#13 is my favorite"

Need relationship dating tip advice to find a great boyfriend? Move over all you self-help dating books. Everything you you need to know about dating and finding the right man was created by a 9 year old girl on the back of a napkin.

In response to her 6 year old sister Blaire's crush on Justin Bieber, big sister Brooke didn't want her younger sis Blaire to fall victim to Bieber or a Bieber-like figure, so big sib Brooke created a list of 30 rules for the younger to follow to have the perfect boyfriend; or at least one that has a job and doesn't pick his nose.

The Huffington Post brings us the story of these cute kids.

Would you add or change any of Brooke's dating tips to find a boyfriend?

Here is the list of 30 boyfriend rules for dating from big sis to little sis:

  1. nice handwriting
  2. cuteness
  3. likes parents
  4. not living with parents
  5. good manners
  6. good artist
  7. dresses well
  8. takes you to nice places
  9. nice place
  10. likes children/wants children
  11. nice jewelery
  12. listens
  13. don't pick your nose
  14. no kissing on first date
  15. marry someone who respects you
  16. smart
  17. good cook
  18. has a good job
  19. always happy
  20. clean
  21. respect different religions
  22. last name not weird
  23. very fun
  24. makes you laugh
  25. eats healthy
  26. takes care of body
  27. doesn't tattle tale
  28. brushes teeth and floss
  29. likes your job
  30. take care of pet

(I have almost 5 of these. Ed)

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