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Bright Blue Gorilla goes with the collaborative flow for film

Go with Le Flo
Go with Le Flo
Cover. Courtesy of Robyn Rosenkrantz

Creating a seamless, sensational score to a film isn’t easy, but this is exactly what Robyn Rosenkrantz (Producer, Songwriter) and Michael Glover (Director, Screenwriter, Songwriter) of Bright Blue Gorilla have done with their romantic comedy Go with Le Flo. With the flowing positive energy of their film's upcoming two week run, their special Febraury 24 sneak peak live performance, their April 11 LA cinema release weekend at Downtown Independent Cinema and more, these musicians reveal their unique musical process in this interview.

Michael Glover and Robyn Rosenkrantz are Bright Blue Gorilla. (The image in the background is actor, Burton Jespersen, from one of the BBG films, Karate Film Cafe'.)
Photo by Rick Mendoza. Courtesy of Robyn Rosenkrantz

W.E. How do you approach matching the music so perfectly to the film?

R.R. Since we're also singer-songwriters and have played together as Bright Blue Gorilla since 1990, putting music in our films came very naturally. After 3,000 live concerts together, you get a feel for what works in front of an audience and the subtleties in every song. I think this training has really helped us fine tune writing music for our films and even choosing which songs fit where, kind of like making a live "set list." It's great having our own Bright Blue Gorilla music library to choose from!

On Go with Le Flo we wanted something very romantic and French sounding for the opening. We discovered this great songwriter and accordion player at the Berliner Ensemble Theater and were amazed to find that Gerhard Schiewe was living just down the street from where we were staying in Berlin. Made our collaborations super easy! He also plays a new song of ours "Listen Love is Calling" in Go with Le Flo, which we translated into French for a bohemian club scene. Michael and I, as Bright Blue Gorilla, play the same song in another scene in English busking on the streets of Berlin. Go with Le Flo has an international music track with French, German and American flavors.

M.G. I like songwriting to picture. It's nice having the mood and theme in front of you - visually - before you begin. When the mood is clear, then the musical choices seem to flow easily. As BBG we've always been eclectic and not really stuck on one style. With film composing this approach fits well. Also, it's not boring because the style and the needs of the scenes are always changing. Often with our songs for CDs, Robyn or I will write much of the songs separately, then come together to finish things. But with film scoring we often write together while we watch the scene. A nice way to collaborate.

The interview continues with part two as the artists describe exciting upcoming events!

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