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Brief look at the legendary Atlantis

Atlantis is one of the most famous mysteries that everyone has heard of at least once. Its plagued many scientists, explorers, and archeologists. Many people have their theories, so this article is going to look at facts and beliefs about Atlantis. It's either real to you or it's fake. Most of these ideas come from Plato himself, who was one of the first writers that wrote about Atlantis.

So let's begin:

  • The first writings about Atlantis were from the philosopher Plato.
  • Plato believed that the tale originated in Ancient Egypt, and was 900 years old before he wrote about it in two texts, "Timaeus," and "Critias."
  • He decided it was a lush, rich land that was said to be an advanced society.
  • He blamed the disappearance of it on earthquakes and floods.
  • Plato also said that it was the gods that destroyed the place.
  • They were too materialistic and corrupt, so the gods that the Greeks believed in decided to destroy the place. So the legend tells us.
  • Many believe that Atlantis was a place, where all the culture began because of how advanced they were.
  • Several psychics and mediums claimed that they visited Atlantis while they were in a trance.
  • Some people believe that it's just a myth and it never existed, while others believe that it is real.

So that's just a look at Atlantis, the civilization that many have wrote and theorized about. It's an odd story that many people will always research and write about with different opinions! The fun part is reading and giving your own opinion about what Atlantis was and is. Is it real? Or is just a fake place?

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