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Brief look at some French superstitions

Today is Bastille Day, so thought it would be fun and interesting to give this holiday a somewhat paranormal twist by looking at superstitions that are part of the culture and history of France. Like every country, France has its own superstitions that have been around since the beginning, so let's start looking at some of them:

  • Putting a loaf of bread upside down on a table is a bad omen!
  • Never buy a friend a knife for a present. It is a bad omen that represents that you want to cut your friendship off with that friend.
  • Signing can create stormy weather. (For some people maybe?)
  • A popular one that many other cultures have beliefs in is the 13 guests. It is a sign of bad luck if there are 13 guests at the dinner table.
  • If you wear a new item of clothing on Friday the 13th, you'll get bad luck.
  • If you cross a stream while holding onto a cat, you'll get a case of bad luck.
  • Buying carnations are said to bring bad luck to the buyer.
  • Seeing a spider in the evening will give you good luck. (That's another popular superstition.)
  • Touching the red pompom of a sailor's beret will bring you good luck.
  • Last but not least this little strange one involves dog feces. Sounds gross doesn't it? Well if you step in it with your left foot, you'll get good luck. I don't really recommend it, but if you have that bad of luck go for it!

So that's just some superstitions that were found while researching the web. Hopefully this article sparks interest in any reader to find out more and more about other countries and their superstitions.

Please share below if you have any other French superstitions that you know of!


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