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Bridging the Maitland launch a huge success, artisans and readers send kudos!

Bridging the Maitland Cover Photo
Bridging the Maitland Cover Photo
Bridging the Maitland

Bridging the Maitland Online Magazine had its official launch on April 1st, 2010 and it was a massive success. Before the e-zine hit the newsstand, so to speak, the magazine had hundreds of subscribers both locally and internationally, who enjoyed the first issue sending kudos and compliments.

According to the publishing editor, there are many changes in store for the magazine, as it turned out to be a huge issue with many contributors, so for next time plans are underway to set up departments within the magazine that can be accessed, downloaded, separately to minimize the time required. A person can then be reading one section, while the next section downloads in the background.

Due to the geographical area this magazine covers, and the scope of the coverage, all issues will run more than 100 pages, action-packed with current news and information to assist any one living, visiting, or staying in this special tourist area along the Lake Huron shoreline in Ontario. According to the editor, much of the content could be of interest to almost anyone in the world as there is a massive amount of how to, and instructional information as well.

Readers of Bridging the Maitland were impressed, according to the editor, as she received numerous emails, plus the sales department now has several appointments booked with businesses wishing to advertise in the magazine, and making their presence known to a larger audience.

Bridging the Maitland is a monthly magazine and although it is by subscription, it is absolutely FREE to anyone who wishes to subscribe.

To learn more about Bridging the Maitland

To download the free - first issue


  • Montreal health&mental health examiner 5 years ago

    I clicked on download the first issue and the link didn't work

  • Winona Cooking Examiner 5 years ago

    Tried to download and receive an error code instead of being redirected. That photo is magnificent! Great article.

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