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Bridging Neuroscience & Spirituality - educational workshop in Coral Gables, FL

Mind-body medicine and the physiological correlates of spiritual experiences and spiritual healing are topics on the leading edge of exploration in the healing arts. This month, mental health counselor Silvia Casabianca, LMHC will be presenting a continuing education class examining the relationship between spirituality, psychology, and neuroscience. The workshop will propose a holistic model of healing where body, mind, and spirit are aspects of a unified system. In this model, addressing this multi-layered, multi-dimensional system offers a greater opportunity to support healing processes for clients and patients. Silvia is the founder of the Eyes Wide Open Center in Bonita Springs, Florida, and the Web of Holistic Educators (WHOLE), an organization intended to help educate the public about holistic health and wellness resources that can improve the well-being of the community. The workshop is open to the general public (advance registration is required) and is $33 for the 2 hour presentation, which provides CE credits for licensed mental health professionals, licensed clinical social workers, and other select health care professionals.

Here are details for those interested in the event, as well as a description from the event organizers that summarizes what will be covered during the presentation.

Title: Bridging Neuroscience & Spirituality
Location: Coral Gables Congregational Church - Moshe Chapel
3010 De Soto Blvd., Coral Gables, FL

Date: August 30th, 2013 – 6:00 pm to 8:00 p.m.
Benefits W.H.O.L.E. - Web of Holistic Educators
Please pre-register - (239) 948-9444 - Seating is limited

Instructor: Silvia Casabianca, MA, LMHC, LMT, RM, MQP, CTP

Description of the class:
What do mystics and scientists have in common? The health field is moving towards a more holistic comprehension of the unity of the mind, the body and the spirit. Clinicians need to reflect and have a clearer understanding of the patient as a whole, the patient as a being with a multidimensional body that interacts with the environment while being part of specific systems that modulate responses and possibilities of growth and change.

In the past few centuries, philosophy and science led us to fragmenting the body, divorcing it from the mind and from the spirit to make it a subject of study. Our world is now evolving toward a holistic view and we're becoming aware of our inter-related universe. Physics, chemistry, biology, history, anthropology, start to be taught together. The interaction between psychology, neurology, immunology and endocrinology is researched extensively. There is scientific evidence of the multilateral communication among different systems of the body. Geneticists, microbiologists, neurosurgeons, psychotherapists and spiritual gurus claim their interventions attain the best results. Holistic practitioners approaching the wholeness of the human being and honoring the intelligence of the multidimensional body are better equipped to serve the needs of their patients.

What's science, what's pseudoscience and what's quackery?
Come open to explore systems that have traditionally worked for centuries in other continents.
Fee: $33.00
2 CEUs available for Mental Health Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, Clinical Social Workers, Massage Therapists and Nutritionists.

Sponsored by WHOLE, Web of Holistic Educators

We are envisioning new frontiers in healthcare...
Are spirituality and neuroscience finally coming together? Modern scientific knowledge is providing explanations to phenomena that have been reported for centuries by different spiritual and health traditions. Scientists and mystics use similar inquiry methods, what varies is the subject of the inquiry. The scientist wants to understand the outer world, while the mystic occupies his/her endeavors in understanding the inner realm.

Quantum physics has invited us to consider a nonlocal mind (boundless and unlimited), which is how mystics have traditionally experienced it, while neuroscience is demonstrating the health advantages of an increased awareness and recognizing that everything is connected.

In this seminar, licensed mental health counselor and Reiki Master Silvia Casabianca will propose that we're approaching a new holistic era in health sciences that will view the body as multidimensional (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). This presentation will invite a reflection on systems that have traditionally worked for centuries in other continents, and that being noninvasive, could be studied and incorporated as complementary care to mental health practice.

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