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Bridgette Bessette is missing

Where is this missing teen?
Where is this missing teen?
Photo provided to media;Missing teen Bridgette Bessette

Plainville, Connecticut: Have you seen this missing teen? Bridgette Bessette reportedly vanished on Wednesday, according to this Friday news report. She was last seen wearing a black top and white shorts with a black headband and shoes, but not much else is known about her disappearance. It isn't being shared whether or not she's a runaway or an endangered person via foul play, but a Silver Alert has been issued.

In the state of Connecticut, a Silver Alert usually goes into effect for missing people who suffer from some kind of mental or behavioral impairment. It is also issued for elderly missing people. This could mean that the missing teen is operating under diminished cognitive abilities, or she could be diagnosed with any number of conditions (i.e. autism, Down syndrome, etc). Bridgette Bessette's presumed medical condition isn't being shared in the media, so it's probably not of any consequence to the public.

If you've seen this missing teen, please do not hesitate to contact the Plainville Police at (860) 747-1616.