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Bridget Kelly gets emotionally honest on new EP "Cut to...Bridget Kelly"

Cut to.... Bridget Kelly EP art
Roc Nation

Since being signed to Roc Nation Bridget Kelly says she’s been hurrying to wait, earning recognition and a Grammy behind the scenes as a songwriter, penning hits such as “Einstein” on Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger album. The time out of the spotlight gave Kelly a chance to learn a few lessons that she’s now putting to good use. Her latest EP “Cut to… Bridget Kelly,” dropped Dec 1, the collection of high energy ballads shows exactly what Kelly is capable of when her voice and gift for writing are combined. At a listening party for “Cut to… Bridget Kelly,” the singer/songwriter sat down to a Q&A moderated by Satchel Jester, Editor at Upscale Magazine, to share her thoughts on her musical journey. Download Cut to… Bridget Kelly” at

Thoughts on being part of a new R&B sound….

They’re my friends so I feel like we’re part of the freshman class. We’re trying to express ourselves in a different way be innovative, but still cling to some of the traditional sounds that R&B is really about, but it's really cool because at the end of the day, for us, it’s about putting out quality content as opposed to taking the pop approach and throwing stuff out there for the sake of it being played on the radio.

Kelly on being a writer and artist….

I feel like there is a healthy separation between the writing and the artistry, for me at least, I like writing or other people as opposed to writing for myself. The Grammy this year was a reaffirmation that I am doing something right. The five year being signed to a label situation has been really good for me, especially because I’m impulsive. So everything is like today, today, right now, right now. For me I have come to appreciate my process, my artist process and my song writing process. So I don’t think it’s so much pressure I’m just embracing every moment.

The difference between the “Every Girl” EP and “Cut to… Bridget Kelly”

I’m working with different writer and producers. Pouring my heart out and trying to get my story told. The last time around the “Every Girl” EP was definitely from the angry side of me. This time around I’m much more, well I am always emotional. I’m a drama queen period.

How Kelly developed a style fit for a star….

It’s crucial as an artist for it to be really consistent. It’s tough for me ‘cause I’m a city girl and heels are not really my thing. I wanted to be in Tim’s and sneakers and dress like a dancer, but I ‘m not a dancer. I want to show off and do grown folk’s music and I can’t be in snap back…. it doesn’t really fit. So, I had to grow up a little bit and let the tomboy go a little and do some soul searching. Being in the studio and talking about R&B and what I think forced me to grow up a little bit. It made my kind of adjust to what I was feeling and stop fighting the natural progression of who I am.

On the song “Friends”….

I’m telling a specific story pertaining to falling in love with a friend and you didn’t really expect it. It’s not the ideal timing, but every so often you fall in love with somebody you’re not supposed to fall in with and you end up getting close to them The most passionate love is the one you’re not supposed to go after. I am glutton for emotional punishment I guess.

What’s in “The Mouth”….

“The Mouth” is definitely and ohhh The chorus line is "It all begins with the mouth." This is a part of the group of music or songs that is a little taboo. It’s the love you’re not supposed to have. It’s the shit you’re not supposed to do. It’s the things you’re not supposed to say. It’s the story of my music life or my regular life.

The inspiration behind “Shit Happens” ….

“Shit Happens” is really for when you’re knee deep in a relationship and you’re just so committed you’ve invested time and money you probably live together and maybe got a kid. There’s always going to be some bullshit that happens whether they don’t pay rent or some dishonesty. It doesn’t have to be cheating, necessarily, it could be any multitude of things and you are really just taking the ‘L .’ Especially as women, we take the ‘L’ all the time just dealing with nonsense. If you ever deal with a guy who has children you know that baby mama situation is not always going to be that squeaky clean, if he got a record he may not be able to get the same job as you, those kind of situations as women we take the ‘L’ and you just kind of say shit happens and move on.

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