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Bridget Ann Kelly Did It*

*Are the people around the Governor lying or just misogynists conflating dating with shutting down access lanes?

Bridget Ann Kelly- woman scorned and traffic snarler
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Okay. It was bad enough when Chris Christie, the thug, um, Governor of New Jersey ruled Soprano style over the state. Wait, Tony loved birds. And had enough of a conscience to pass out from time to time. (Panic attacks generated from the conflict he felt.)

CC has placed a pattern of intimation and greed over the usual GOP playbook.

This column expected the Governor to lie and deny everything.

Anyone who believed that the law firm he hired would not clear Christie should line up to buy the George Washington Bridge. Remember come at night and bring cash.

The laudatory tones of the massive report atoning Christie are a wee bit twee.

But blame the woman because the guy done her wrong.

What does this mean?

Bridget Ann Kelly and Bill Stepien were dating. The relationship ended and according to lawyers making $650 an hour, it was Stepien’s call.

Oh- a woman scorned. She did what every female does in the wake of a break-up.

Shops. Cries. Eats ice cream. And shuts down several lanes accessing the busiest bridge in the world.

Nothing says heartbreak like traffic backup that threatens the mobility of an entire town.

New Jersey taxpayers, the ostensibly cost cutting Gov just forked over a cool million of public monies to exonerate himself.

The only point this “report” proves is that Christie and his team do not understand women.

But hey, after all, these are Republicans.

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