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Bridgestone's True Balance Putter gives you chance to make that putt

Balance your golf game with the Bridgestone True Balance Putter
Balance your golf game with the Bridgestone True Balance Putter

I know when I take a golf lesson, I frequently hear the word "balance."

It balances. The Bridgestone True Balance Putter

Definition of balance: a state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight, amount, etc.

Balance is key in the sport of golf on so many levels.

Bridgestone Golf knows this all too well, so they are taking "balance" to a whole new level when it comes to putting with their new True Balance Putter.

The unique design of the True Balance Putter allows the putter to stand up by itself.


Yes, the putter will balance and stand up by itself. On the the green, on bricks and on concrete.

Introduced at this year's PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, this putter really has people talking.

"While developing this product we consulted with some of golf's leading putting experts, as well as a variety of amateurs and Touring professionals," said Josh Kinchen, Golf Club and Accessories Marketing Manager - Bridgestone Golf, Inc. "Feedback and testing confirm that when you can feel the head, you can control the head. That has been the guiding principle for every True Balance design decision we've made. We're confident golfers will have an easier time squaring the putter up, judging speed, and controlling distance."

I've noticed that I'm easily squaring the putter up. Distance has always been a problem for me. I leave putts short and always seem to start thinking about this problem on important putts.

The True Balance has helped. It has helped me get away from thinking about leaving putts short, and it just allows me to putt.

Some of the specs per Bridgestone:

- The club's balance point within 5 inches of its sole
- True Balance Putters increase the golfer's "feel" by realigning the putters' fulcrum - the point of balance between the head and the grip.
- True Balance Putters utilize an industry-first counter-counterbalance design that removes weight by incorporating an ultralight graphite shaft and 100% EVA grip

This is a lot of technology in one putter.

I like the feel, I love the variety of grips that are available from Bridgestone Golf and I love the fact that this is a company that cares about your golf game.

Check out for more information and to see what the True Balance Putter is all about, visit

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