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Bridgeport family turns to news media to help find dog stolen from autistic boy

Aimie was stolen from autistic boy
Aimie was stolen from autistic boy
Screenshot from Connecticut News12

An autistic boy in Connecticut is devastated after his therapy dog was stolen, Connecticut News12 reported April 1.

A Bridgeport mother has turned to the media for help after her son's 8-pound Yorkie was stolen.

Haydee Peralta told Connecticut News12 that her son Noah's dog Aimie snuck out of the home of Haydee's sister on Noble Avenue back on February 26.

A surveillance camera nearby captured two women in a dark colored Nissan Maxima as they grabbed Aimie and ran. Since that time the surveillance video, which was captured from a local market, has been recorded over.

Haydee has also contacted the Bridgeport police, as well as animal control. Aimie was wearing her collar and tags at the time of her disappearance.

Noah isn't handling the loss of his dog well. Aimie has been with his for four years now, and helps him communicate. This little dog keeps Noah calm, and helps him to function calmly.

Please share Noah and Aimie with friends, especially in the Bridgeport, Connecticut area. Many dogs are taken out of the area after being stolen.

In this case, the two ladies may have kept Aimie for themselves. Perhaps they didn't realize Aimie has an owner. Regardless, please share, in hopes someone recognizes Aimie and can help get her home.

A video with more photos of Aimie can be seen here.

If seen, please contact Bridgeport Police at (203)576-7671 or (203)581-5100, or Animal Control at (203)576-7727.

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