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Bridgeport authorities say dog kept in a box not treated in cruel manner

The picture of a wooden box structure resembling a coffin standing on end caught the anger of humane advocates and animal lovers early this week as the photo in a Connecticut area home revealed a glimpse of a beagle mix pressing his nose through a small opening in the bottom of the box circulated quickly through Facebook.

Animal control officers state the dog is well-cared for and not neglected or abused. Bridgeport police state the drama started over an argument with a neighbor.
Bridgeport Police
Animal lovers have been concerned over a dog allegedly being kept in this wooden prison - even equipped with a padlock.

The Bridgeport Police Department were alerted and responded to complaints that the owner of the dog used a hose with cold water to wash the feces and urine at the bottom of the shelter no matter how cold the weather. Then there were more complaints that the dog was left in the box day in and day out with no socialization and had no room to even exercise.

On Tuesday, ConnecticutNews12 responded to the inquiries of concerned citizens stating the police had examined the enclosure and reported the dog had heat, food and water.

Some people have offered to buy the dog; others say the dog is miserable because he continues to bark and is left alone most of the time, and still others appreciate the police and humane authorities looking into the situation.

Just minutes ago, the Bridgeport Police Department posted the following on their Facebook page:

"The owner constructed a large kennel for the dog. The front portion is approximately 8 feet by 8 feet with a concrete pad. The rear section is approximately four feet by four feet with hay as bedding and insulation and contains a heater. Both sections are fully enclosed from the elements. The shelter is protected from the wind and during our visits we found adequate food and water. We checked out the dog and he appears completely healthy and well cared for.
In speaking with the owner, we also learned that the dog is up-to-date on vaccinations and brought out several times a day for socialization and exercise."

The police state the controversy appears to stem from a neighbor dispute, and the dog is not being mistreated, abused, or neglected.

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