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Bridezillas, meet photozilla


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Unless you're an "a-list" celebrity, you probably should consider rethinking that "journalistic approach" to your wedding photographs.
Sure, what self-respecting bride doesn't want to look like her wedding was some major event covered by the media's top photographers? That only makes sense. It's a big event and you want it to look like one.

But really, for a professional wedding photographer this is nearly asking the impossible. In order to make sure you get the best photos for the fee they charge, your photographer is going to be carefully considering everything from exposure to your skin tone in certain lighting situations or against certain backdrops. If you then want them to try to make everything look as if it was not posed, you're going to end up with with "photozilla" on your hands. Or, to put it another way, they'll be more than just slightly peeved at the situation.

This "approach" to wedding photography is difficult for several reasons.

1) Lighting: This is critical to any photographer. You want the lighting to flatter your subjects and you want to make sure the exposure will be even across the whole photo. This is very hard to do when trying to be candid. Namely because you don't want to alert your subject to your presence. Walking up to them with a meter or trying to position yourself perfectly is either going to come off as creepy, make the person try to pose or just get in the way of the whole gig.

2) People: People in front of a camera will never just act natural. The timid will try to hide, the vain will try to strike a pose. Any time someone sees a camera in their vicinity, you can pretty much be assured the result will not be candid.

3) Backdrop: If you want candid photos, chances are that you're not going to be paying attention to what is behind you. Of course the photographer will and if Aunt Stella is behind you picking her nose, they're not going to snap the shutter no matter how cute you and the new husband look at that moment. Good wedding photos are made or totally broken by the scene in the background.

So what is the verdict here? Simple. Photographers always want to make sure you're getting what you want for your wedding album. An unhappy customer is unlikely to yield return business. But when it comes to posing and staging, let the professional do their job. They've trained for it, they know what will give you that princess wedding look you've wanted. You're paying your photographer for their expertise. Put it to good use.


  • Lani 6 years ago

    Thank you Wesley for sharing the point of view from a photographer. I am planning my wedding and will keep these tips in mind!