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Bridesmaids Gift Idea: Blee Inara jewelry

From the Just Dainty Sterling Silver Collection
From the Just Dainty Sterling Silver Collection
Blee Inara

Upon finding inspiration from her own sense of harmony, bliss, goodwill and peace, Ivonne Kino founded the jewelry line, Blee Inara, to bring a positive and fashionable vibe to a traditional symbol. All designs are original, handcrafted, 18k gold plated, adjustable, and unique, each with an eye charm to provide the wearer with comfort and protection against undesired energy. Blee Inara accessories can be found online and in stores throughout the country.

If you are looking for a suggestion, try the sterling silver with 22k gold plating heart and circle cz charm necklace from the Just Dainty Sterling Silver collection. This is something that comes in three colors (Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold) so you have great choice to make sure it matches! It is the right size for any age bridesmaid as it’s small enough not to overpower a younger girl, but is sturdy enough to add to an outfit instead of overshadow a dress choice. When you hold it, you know you have gotten something special!

Getting one of these necklaces comes with an entire experience. When you get your necklace it comes in a box, that is so incredibly custom, I challenge you to find something just like it! Every detail is taken care of down to the pouch it is wrapped in to the card that comes with it.

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