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Brides from 'Married at First Sight' appeared on 'The View'

Brides who recently got married when they met their grooms for the first time at the altar were guests on ABC's "The View" on Thursday. Fans of the new reality show "Married at First Sight" on FYI on Tuesday nights watched hoping the three brides would say something or indicate in some way if they were still married or not.

The marriages took place on March 22 and 23, so the trial period has ended in real time; however, only four episodes have aired. In episode one, the couples were matched. In episode two, the actual meeting and marriage at the altar took place. In episode three, the couples were on their honeymoon. In episode four, the couples went through the overwhelming process of moving in together.

The couples had five weeks to decide whether to stay together or not. So, are they still together? On "The View," all three brides were wearing their wedding rings. Did they do it for the viewers, or are they still married?

At the end of their discussion, it was asked who they would bet on staying together, and all three brides said Cortney and Jason. This writer agrees after watching all four episodes. Cortney and Jason hit it off well at the altar when they met and married. However, Cortney admitted the marriage was not consummated until the honeymoon, while Monet said her marriage to Vaughn was consummated on the wedding night. Jamie took a while to warm up to Doug whom she was not attracted to him at all when they married.

Monet and Vaughn had their first marital spat on their honeymoon. And the fighting has not stopped. When they seem to be getting along, Vaughn throws a curb ball and catches Monet off guard a lot. Those who had posted on social media say Vaughn is controlling and playing games with Monet when it comes to communicating. It would be no surprise if the two of them would divorce after four weeks.

The first question the brides were asked when they were interviewed was why they decided to meet a stranger and marry him at the altar. Jamie said she had been unlucky when it comes to find a mate. So she trusted the experts to match her with someone. Even though she didn't have an attraction for Doug at first, she now says, "He is an amazing man!"

Cortney said she liked the opportunity to be on the show. She was the calmest one of the brides at the altar. She and Jason are the only couple who kissed. So far, there have been no on-screen arguments, and they seem to have good chemistry together. She told Jason during episode four that she is heavily in debt with student loans, but Jason said he has some savings.

Monet, 33, says she signed up for the reality show because she was ready to get married and start a family. With the way things are going with her and Vaughn, she might not be married for long. Vaughn moved in with Monet, and last week when they had an argument he threatened to go back to his place in New Jersey instead of spending the night in Harlem with her. "Married at First Sight" airs at 9 p.m. FYI. If you missed any of the episodes, you can watch them on Hulu.

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