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Bride wars

Brides ready to battle it out
Brides ready to battle it out
Running of the Brides

I've always heard horror stories about wedding planning and thought how ridiculous people were for getting so wrapped up in an event that should be one of the happiest events of his/her life. However, please note how long it has been since my last article. This would be because I recently got engaged. Yes, I am ecstatic and overwhelmed...with both joy and despair.
Every person has an opinion and I am the type of gal that wants to make everyone happy. I sometimes envision running away to Greece and getting married on a mountain top with no one around. But, then again, family and friends are so important and it would be nice to share this experience. Part of my stress also comes from the fact that my fiancé and I are paying for our own wedding. Sigh.
As I navigate through this foreign territory I will be sure to pass on any advice and insights to all those future brides out there. If you have been there and done that, please pass along advice to the readers and me. As for now, I can only tell the ladies out there to try and be happy and enjoy this special time in your life. Let's keep our fingers crossed and try to focus on what this day is truly all about.