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Bride wants Jessica Rabbit look on 'I Found The Gown'

Rick and Leslie, owners of Vows Bridal
Rick and Leslie, owners of Vows Bridal
TLC Network, used with permission

On this weekend's I Found The Gown, a slew of brides-to-be trooped into Vows Bridal, but only one said that on her wedding day she wanted to look like the Filipino Jessica Rabbit. Nothing wrong with that and Rick and Leslie's bridal shop had plenty for her to choose from.

Rick's motto is. "Our job here is to make a bride feel like the bride she's always wanted to be," and bride Kerri was proof of that.

The TLC reality show is early in its new season and in "Champagne Gowns on a Beer Budget" we spent a lot of time with Kerri, who waited three years to shop for a wedding dress and was bound and determined to make the most of it. You meet all kinds on I Found The Gown, and Kerri was fun from the moment she walked in the door at Vows.

Her mother and wedding party trailing behind her, Kerri entered clapping and cheering, confident she would find what she wanted, and it had to be sexy enough to feature two of her best assets. Their names are Brenda and Barbie, and just happen to be her breasts. Don't believe me? There's a TLC video clip to prove it.

Her butt and lustrous hair were also along for the ride and as the dresses were tried on and taken off, attention was paid to those other assets as well. But it was when one of her entourage told her that a particular dress made her look fat, that Kerri's smile turned to a frown. She was shocked anyone would ever say that word about her, never mind as she was preening in front of mirrors in designer wedding gowns.

No matter however since it was the consensus of the pack that it just wasn't flattering enough to fit the Jessica Rabbit ideal. Did Kerri find the gown? Of course she did and so did two other women featured in the episode. One was five months pregnant but trying on dresses anyway and the other was picking up a dress radically altered for her.

I Found The Gown is a great way to see the latest trends in wedding gowns and spend time with ladies who are excited to feel special and beautiful.

TLC airs new episodes of I Found The Gown Friday nights starting at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT. Image credit: TLC, used with permission

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