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Bachelorette party car crash: Mo. bride-to-be dead in freakish car accident

Bride-to-be, Collette Moreno, is dead. The bachelorette died ahead of her own party in a crash that has left her fiancé in shambles and her son without a mom. Sadly, the Missouri woman's best friend faces possible charges in Friday’s fatal car accident, this according to a June 24 NY Daily News report.

Collette Moreno, left, took one last selfie with best friend Ashley Theobald, right, minutes before Moreno was killed in a car crash.
KCTV screengrab

Collette's family and friends were preparing for the bride-to-be’s wedding to 28-year-old Jesse Arcobasso on July 26 in Jamaica. Just a year ago, he proposed to the love of his life. Today, her loved ones are preparing for the difficult task of burying her.

A short time before Moreno died in the car crash ahead of her bachelorette party, she and Ashley Theobald, 26, her best friend since seventh grade, were driving to Lake of the Ozarks along a stretch of Highway 5. They were both in high spirits, as evidenced from a selfie (on left) of the pair taken just eight minutes before the deadly collision.

Theobald says she was driving behind a truck emitting a large volume of fumes, which caused Moreno to begin coughing. And due to her friend's history of asthma, she attempted to pass the truck in the left along the two-way roadway. Unbeknownst to her, there was a blind spot ahead and a truck was in her path.

I didn't know it was as bad as it was because she wasn't physically super beaten-up. We both thought it was clear and there was a hill that neither one of us saw. I tried to go around and there was a truck coming and I swerved and he swerved with me," Ashley told reporters at KTVC-5.

Emergency officials arrived a short time later and transported Collette to a hospital. However, three hours later, the bride-to-be was dead from her injuries.

I was talking to her. She couldn't talk back but she was nodding at me," said an emotional Theobald said about her friend.

The future bride's death in the car crash ahead of her own bachelorette party is tragic on a number of fronts: she leaves behind the man of her dreams, a five-year-old child and a legion of family and friends who must cope with the tragic loss.

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