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Bride straps newborn to gown: Shona Carter-Brooks puts critics in their places

A bride strapped her newborn to her gown for her wedding day, and the Internet went wild. Shona Carter-Brooks apparently wanted her baby to be a part of her wedding to Johnathon Brooks, and she had her Vera Wang gown altered in a way that could have the baby with them. However, the photo went viral and the reaction was not a positive one for the most part.

A bride strapped her newborn to her wedding gown
Photo via 95.1 WAPE Twitter

The photo showing baby Aubrey elicited strong reactions. Many were horrified that she would “drag” her infant down the aisle, and some were commenting that child protective services should be called. Others pondered what horrible parenting choices she would make in the future.

For her part, the bride who strapped the newborn to her gown didn't mince words on Facebook. In part Shona Carter-Brooks said, “Our 1 month old was awake and well secured on my train.” She has indicated that the gown had been fashioned to specifically secure the baby in the way she envisioned, and it certainly doesn't appear that little Aubrey was uncomfortable or traumatized in any way. While most definitely unorthodox, it doesn't seem that the baby was truly in any danger. Some might say that it's sweet that the parents wanted to find a creative way to have the baby included in their big day.

Carter-Brooks went on to say, “Media Media I see how it works regardless the situation or purpose people gone [sic] have something negative to say!” She added, “The answer is we do what we want when we want long as Jesus on our side everything worked out fine.” She clearly never expected that her private wedding in little ol' Ripley, Tenn. would go viral on the Internet. Did the move of the bride strapping the newborn to her gown go too far, or was it all good? Some would say that in the grand scheme of people making horrible parenting choices, this shouldn't really even hit the radar.

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