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Bride straps newborn baby to her gown on wedding day: Dragging baby causes stir

So, a bride straps a newborn to her wedding gown and drags the baby down the aisle? Shona Carter-Brooks, is under fire for doing just that. The Tennessee woman caught the ire of social media from photos she posted on Facebook of her dragging her infant -- tied to her bridal skirt -- down the aisle. Ironically, the defiant bride didn't back down from the backlash and accusations of bad parenting, after tying a newborn baby onto her bride's dress, citing a June 2 Yahoo Shine report.

A detail of the Duchess of Cambridge's wedding dress, designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen
Photo by WPA Pool/Getty Images

Newlyweds, Shona and Johnathan Brooks exchanged vows on May 12 before a crowd of family and friends. By all accounts, their wedding ceremony -- like many others before it -- was very memorable, except for a small detail.

Those not present at the nuptials were moved to anger when this photo appeared on the bride's Facebook page. The long draping White by Vera Wing for David's Bridal gown was nearly flawless, had it not been for one tiny detail: the bride's newborn baby strapped to the train and dragged from behind.

At first glance, the object at the bottom of the wedding gown appeared to be PhotoShopped. However, that theory was quickly debunked when Carter-Brooks confirmed the images were of her one-year-old baby girl, Aubrey. Furthermore, she admits the decision to tie her child to the dress was her own idea.

Not surprisingly, a barrage of negative comments flooded her page, many that pointed to her poor parenting skills and vanity. Others called for an investigation from child services on how she placed the hapless infant in danger by strapping her to a gown down the aisle, all for show, as if the child were an accessory.

Stranger still are Shona's comments in the wake of the tough-love comments:

People questioning what what we do, commenting all negative..."

...we good though we covered by blood which never loose its power."

...regardless the situation...people gone have something negative to say!"

And if the thought of a bride strapping a newborn to her wedding gown repulses you after learning the mom defended her actions, it gets better -- or worse -- depending on your viewpoint.

Ironically, the wedding planner supported her client's action and suggested tying a newborn baby to a bridal gown is something akin to Pop Art.

It indicates the dedication of her mother (and father) toward caring for her child and family...A GOOD mother takes her child wherever she goes, even down the aisle." One guest, Pamela Stone, wrote that the moment even "brought tears to my eyes." ~ Kaye Jordan, wedding coordinator.

Thankfully, the child was not injured after the mom and new bride strapped her to the gown during her wedding ceremony. However, it underscores the larger debate on what constitutes good and bad parenting and how far are people willing to go to elicit a desired response from the public or seal their place in history.

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