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Bride on a budget? Save big with these insider hair and makeup tips!

Squeezing pennies for your wedding can be tough.

Weddings can be really expensive! If you are hiring a professional hair and makeup artist to do your wedding, these tips can save you hundreds of dollars. Pinching pennies may seem annoying for your big day, but these small steps won’t lower the quality of your dream day at all!

1. Hair and Makeup Artist

Rather than hiring a hair stylist and a makeup artist, hire a professional who specializes in both. It is a lot cheaper to hire one person who is both a professional at makeup and bridal hair. Remember to make sure that the person is accomplished in both hair and makeup, because these are two completely different fields!

2. Schedule Bridal Trial Same Time as Others Event

One way to save big dollars would be to skip the bridal trial complete, but if you really want to make sure the hair and makeup are perfect we understand. Plus, bridal trials are a great excuse to get gussied up with our best gal pals! Rather than having the bridal trial as a separate event, host it the same times a bachelorette party, engagement party or photo shoot. We really liked the idea of doing it during bachelorette party, so that you can all be at your most gorgeous on your last big night on the town!

3. Cut Down the Number of Bridesmaids

This may seem like a cruel step, but how many bridesmaids do you really need? Consider trimming one friend or family member off the list to save on hair, makeup and the dress. No one’s feeling are going to get hurt, don’t worry! 4. Cover only half of the makeup and hair bill This may be our most awkward tip, but you’ll surprised what your friends are willing to do for you. Tell the bridesmaid you don’t mind covering the makeup or hair bill, but it would help a whole bunch if they’d be willing to cover the other half. Tell them they can skip giving you a gift, if that will help them pay for the service.

4. Don't Stress Out!

You are not the first bride ever looking for ways to save money. Just remember it is not the amount of money you spend on your wedding, it is the unforgettable memories made on your special day!

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