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Bride dies in crash leaving wedding with husband driving: He could face charges

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A Georgia bride was killed instantly in a car crash that happened just as she was leaving her wedding reception with her new husband, who was at the wheel of the car. Kali Dobson, 25, was in the passenger seat as her husband Ryan Quinton, 27, drove the car that flipped and ejected the bride, according to the New York Daily News on Jan. 1.

The car rolled over on top of Dobson and Quinton staggered up to the road to flag down help. Chris Thomas, who was driving by the scene, stopped to help the distraught groom who was bleeding and wailing about his wife. Thomas said he called 911 and tried to comfort the groom, who was looking seriously hurt. Thomas said the groom's only concerned was for his wife. He said there was nothing they could do, as the car was on top of her.

Dobson was pronounced dead at the scene and Quinton is still in the hospital today. If his blood alcohol test indicates that he was over the legal limit to drive, he could be charged in the death of his bride.

Investigators took blood from Quinton to see if alcohol played any part in the crash. “The crash is still under investigation,” said Franka Young, the spokesperson for the Department of Public Safety. She also said, “Charges are pending”

Quinton said he was going around a curve coming back from their Ball Ground reception when a dog was in the road and he swerved to avoid hitting the animal. This caused his car to go off the road and it flipped over, ejecting his new wife. The car flipped again coming to rest on top of the bride.

Family and friends of Dobson were seen visiting the accident scene after the car and debris had been cleared away. They had just come from a celebration of her wedding and now planning her funeral.