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Bride burning building: Severe fire spurs bride to leap 3 stories before wedding

A bride jumps from a burning building to escape a severe fire less than a week before her wedding day. Lenise Ruff of Colorado was forced to leap 3 stories alongside her maid-of-honor after her apartment complex suddenly caught fire this week. Although My Fox 8 News fortunately confirms this Tuesday, July 1, that both women managed to escape the frightening incident, the bride-to-be and her best friend suffered considerable injury and lost almost everything in the consuming flames.

Bride jumps from burning building, 3 stories down to safety
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Lenise Ruff may only have been thinking about saying her special “I do’s” this June alongside her soon-to-be husband, but was spurred by a much more fiery experience only five days before her actual wedding. The bride burning building scare resulted in Ruff and her longtime friend, roommate, and maid of honor — named Marilyn — to leap 3 stories out of their blazing apartment to safety below.

While Lenise and Marilyn were planning for the former’s upcoming walk down the aisle, both women said they smelled smoke. They dismissed it at first, but soon the scent became overpowering, and the women were horrified to find that a severe fire had erupted in their complex. The bride and maid of honor tried to escape, but soon discovered that they were trapped by the blaze at both security exits, and had to jump quite a distance down from the burning apartment to escape the flames.

AOL News confirms that Lenise had extreme burns to her hands and wrists from the fire, while her best friend Marilyn fractured her spine in the harrowing 3 story fall. Both women are alive, but Marilyn has remained in the hospital since their frantic leap for survival.

The bride-to-be understandably realized that her maid of honor wouldn’t be able to arrive at their wedding as planned, but the woman was in for a silver lining surprise the morning of her wedding. Miraculously, her roommate sent her a message saying she was going to be at the wedding, no matter how difficult it was for her. And Marilyn was able to make it to the special celebration, showing that even a severe fire couldn’t burn the bonds of love she had for her best friend.

“This morning she texts me and she says, ‘I’m going to come out,’” Ruff revealed in a statement to a news station. “For her making it, I know it was hard, but it means a lot to us.”

Now, Lenise and Sam (her new husband), are looking forward to putting the pain of the past behind them in this bride burning building incident, and are hoping that the remainder of their life together as a married couple will be happy, peaceful, and safe.

One consolation was that the bride’s beautiful dress wasn’t destroyed in the flames due to it being at her mother’s house in preparation for the wedding. Yet almost all of her and Marilyn’s other belongings perished, so an online support and donation system via GoFundMe has been established for them. The link is here for those who wish to help the newly married couple and her maid of honor who endured such a terrible experience, but are staying strong together.

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