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Bridal Show and getting organized while planning a wedding


Top of wedding cake.

Free Bridal Show at Ripken Stadium!

April 18, 2010


Spring is often a time of wedding planning! If you live in the Baltimore area, grab your fiancé and head to the ballpark for the first ever Bridal Show at Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen, MD. This event includes cake tastings, dance demonstrations, engagement portrait sessions, vendor discounts, and more.

Bride and Groom entering reception in a
glass elevator.

An event like this is great to learn about bridal trends and area vendors to make your day extra special. At the bridal show you’ll gather lots of information from various vendors across the city. When you get home take some time to sort through the flyers, brochures, and coupons you’ve collected. If there is information for a vendor that you know you won’t select to be a part of your special day based on location, price or skill set then you can immediately throw away (or recycle) their information. Keep the brochures of vendors you are genuinely interested in working with so you have contact information to follow up with them later. Sort the information by vendor (photographer, cater, baker, jeweler, etc). If you’re overwhelmed or do not know where to get started talk to a friend who recently got married. If you like his/her wedding then you may want to find out who their vendors where. Also consider hiring a wedding planner or a professional organizer who has experience with event planning. Some wedding planners or organizer will plan the entire day for you while you sit back and enjoy being engaged. Others will just help you maintain a level of organization throughout the process so nothing is overlooked but you remain in control and the wedding is truly a labor of love for you and your fiancé! Determine how involved you want to be in the planning and then get the help you need! A bridal show, like the one at Ripken Stadium, is a great place to start gathering information and to bring the day you’ve dreamed about to life!

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