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Bridal Registry Tips


You may find the whole process of planning a wedding, honeymoon and everything in-between a bit daunting. It certainly can be overwhelming. These days it is hard to figure out what the proper etiquette is. But shopping for your registry can be fun; here are a few simple tips for bridal registry. If you are getting married this summer, now is the time to start thinking about registering.

Spreading The Word

Never, ever mention gifts or registry in your wedding invitation. You can include a card with the wedding website address, this is a great way of giving your guests all the information they may need. This is especially true for out of town guests and destination weddings. On the website you can include where you are registered. To announce your wedding, you may want to send out a save-the-date mailing, and include your wedding website on the announcement. Save-the-date cards should be mailed out as early as six months in advance. As mentioned in Throwing a bridal shower, it is OK for the hostess to let people know where you are registered on the invite (but the shower is the only exception).

Where and When

You can register at a number of stores. It is a good idea to register at one major department store, such as Macy’s. You can also register at Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, Target; Etc…This offers the guests a wide variety. Include these links on your wedding website.

As far as timeline goes, do not register any earlier then six months in advance. Any earlier and you run the risk of stores running out of that item or being discontinued.

Make sure to check with the store on their return policies.

Price Range

Make sure you include a number of items in price range, from small to large. Some people want to chip in on a large gift, while others may just want to spend twenty dollars. Make sure that you keep in mind that your wedding guests will have a wide range in their budgets.

How Many

You may register for as many items as you like--the more the merrier! This gives your guests a wide selection to choose from. We have all run into the problem of buying too late, and having only one thing be left, and it is usually one spoon, or the $500.00 espresso maker.

For more on where to shop & register visit the Westfarms mall


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