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Bridal meets couture with Justin Alexander

Bridal meets couture with Justin Alexander
Justin Alexander

Justin Alexander is know for his award-winning designs of couture wedding dresses and bridal gowns. The designer made its debut in Brooklyn, NY in 1949 and is known as one of the most influential designers in Bridal design. The brand offers styles from classic, glamour, vintage, romantic and contemporary. Justin Alexander designs combine couture styles that are both timeless and affordable. I caught with the designer house for an interview and here’s what they had to say.

Tamora Lee: How would you define your Brand?

Justin Alexander: Justin Alexander is retro, glamorous, classic, and fashionable while still holding on to contemporary elegance in every design. The Justin Alexander bride relates to a Hollywood starlet and wants to look timeless on her wedding day. Justin Alexander is known for high quality wedding dresses but also for creating a connection to the past that many brides look for.

Tamora Lee: What should be the first steps for Bride to choose the right wedding dress and what are some of the misconception about wedding couture?

Justin Alexander: The most important thing is discovering who you are as a bride. You know your everyday self and know what you like to wear but you might not know what type of bride you are. Your wedding day is the biggest fashion day of your life and your gown should reflect who you are. If you rarely wear dresses don't go for a ball gown, maybe you should opt for a relaxed or A-line silhouette. If you are ultra feminine go all out and play up the princess look. If you have a big personality then pull out all the stops and opt for a mermaid silhouette. If you are a traditional or a conservative woman then a classic gown will suit you the best. The most important thing is that you recognize yourself in the mirror and that everyone else does too.

Tamora Lee: When many think of Justin Alexander they visualize these stunning silhouettes, distinctive necklines and memorable details. How long does it usually take you to construct a piece?

Justin Alexander: From the initial design to the construction of the first sample it usually takes almost 6 months. Then we spend another 6 months to show the collection and ship it to our stores. This is why as a designer I am working almost two years ahead.

Tamora Lee: The Justin Alexander brand is known its classic, vintage style and as one of America's and Europe's most influential producers of wedding fashions, with so many new trends among Brides for example you see more bare backs, pastels how does one stay on course with that and still be timeless classic, vintage and yet trendy?

Justin Alexander: One of our main objectives is to create classic gowns for the modern bride. I try to not overthink the current trends but instead focus on one feature and make that the focal point of the wedding gown. There are many trends at the moment but a classic wedding dress never goes out of style.

Tamora Lee: Haute Couture Fashion week is often the foundation of inspiration for many fashion forward fashionista looking for unique wedding dresses what inspires your designs more the feeling, the details or the movement?

Justin Alexander: The expression "it's all in the details” is absolutely true. The movement can only be experienced in person and the feeling is more an emotional connection. When I am designing I start to envision who this bride is- what does she look like, where is she getting married and what time of year is she saying, “I do”. All of these features help me put together the right details needed to make the perfect dress.

Tamora Lee: Describe the general process you go through to design and what's your favorite part about conceptualizing a design?

Justin Alexander: I am inspired by everything and I’m constantly photographing food, flowers, buildings, home accessories, and jewelry. I also carry around a little Moleskin notebook that has thousands of doodles that have sparked many designs. My favorite part of conceptualizing a design is when I see people understand what I was trying to achieve. Sometimes it is subtle and other times it is obvious. It's that “ah ha” moment when it all comes together.

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