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Bridal Fashion Scene 101: How to incorporate different style dresses into one wedding

Ruched empire dress with halter design and spaghetti straps
Ruched empire dress with halter design and spaghetti straps

As a bride there are so many options on the market for dresses; making the decision nearly impossible to choose the type of dress you want your bridesmaids to wear. There are thousands of styles and colors available to suit each bridesmaid but the difficulty begins with trying to make everyone happy. Not each woman has the same preference in gowns or body shape; making it a difficult decision for the bride-to-be. Luckily, one of the best trends out there for bridal parties happens to be a combination of different style dresses with a monochromatic look. Although long dresses are still very fashionable; short dresses are extremely chic right now. A combination of both of these can be used to present your wedding party. Here are different styles to accommodate a bridal party of six.

If the look is to make the maid of honor stand out ask that she wear a long gown in the style of her choice but in the color of the rest of the bridal party. There are long gowns that can fit any shape such as a-line, empire waist, v-neck, column, strapless, spaghetti straps and many more. Although the maid of honor may stand out because of the length she'll feel more comfortable because she has chosen a dress that suits her frame.

Bridesmaid 1 can look very polished in a short wrap dress. These dresses can be found in satins, silks and jersey material and because the wrap is a wardrobe fundamental it can be worn again for other functions.

Bridesmaid 2 creates a very soft and alluring look with a short fitted bodice and ruched detailing waist. The dress can be found with inverted pleats or full skirt for a bridesmaid who may be a pear shape.

Bridesmaid 3 may like the look of a smooth sheath. Although a sheath is extremely simple it is very effective to create a stunning look. Depending on the retailer the sheath may be unadorned, beaded, sequined or embroidered and embellished with a tie back or sash, also.

Bridesmaid 4 could be your trendsetter who loves a short asymmetrical one shoulder dress. It is very fun and flirty and can be worn with heels for a more formal wedding or with flats for a more casual event.

Bridesmaid 5 may enjoy a short empire waist, ruched bodice dress. There are dresses with this similar style that are strapless, spaghetti straps and sashes to create a fashionable statement.

Today's bridesmaid gowns are very versatile and functional making the dresses easy to wear for more than one occasion. The addition of heels, ballerina flats, tall boots, bolero jackets or cardigans are just other ways to add to the look of the dress if your bridesmaid plans on wearing the dress to other events. As for the maid-of-honor; if she would like to get more than one use out of her gown a reputable seamstress or tailor can shorten the gown to any length. Her long dress can now be a short one and worn with other accentuating items.



  • F. White 5 years ago

    Outstanding article, keep up the good work!

  • Amanda C. Strosahl 5 years ago

    I had forgotten what a pain it could be to get bridesmaid dresses everyone likes. Good article and suggestions.

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