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Bridal Emergency Kit


Your wedding day will undoubtedly be an exciting and beautiful day. All the details finalized and you are ready to be married. Be prepared for little emergencies by preparing a bridal emergency kit. If you have hired a professional wedding coordinator she should have an emergency kit handy. If you do not have a coordinator, here are some essential items you will want to include in your bridal emergency kit. Designate a responsible person to be in charge of the emergency kit, someone who will be available to you and your bridal party should an emergency occur.

These are a list of the essentials to include in your bridal emergency kit:

Nail file
Nail polish in the bride's shade
make-up (also remember to include shades that match bridesmaids skin tones and coloring)
Straws (for drinking without messing up lipstick
Extra stockings
Brush and comb
Bobby pins and hair elastics
Static-cling spray
Lint brush
Earring backs
Baby powder (also useful for getting out last-minute spills on a white dress)
Eye-drops (look for redness reducing)
Contact lens solution
Smelling salts
prescription medicines
Headache medicine (bring two different kinds in case one of the bridal party is allergic)
safety pins
extra contact lenses and cleaner
stain remover
mirror (in case you are getting dressed in a room that does not have a mirror)
shoe polish
a pair of comfortable shoes, slippers
small sewing kit with scissors (include thread colors of bride and bridesmaid gowns)
masking tape or hem tape
tampons and feminine napkins
extra black socks for the ushers or groomsmen
toothbrush and toothpaste

Other items to include in your bridal emergency kit are important phone numbers, copies of directions to the reception, camera batteries and miscellaneous cords and adapters, an iron.

You could consider buying a fishing tackle box.

You can also purchase a bridal emergency kit which you will probably want to add to.