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Bridal beauty begins with eco-chic weddings

Beautiful bridal beauty
Beautiful bridal beauty
Hair and makeup by Naked Hair Salon, Delray Beach, Florida. Photo by Matt Sturgess - 4th Avenue Photography

Expert advice shared from Janine & Adam Shuman of the NAKeD Hair Salon in Delray Beach, FL

If you are getting prepared for a wedding, you may want to consider going green with an eco-friendly wedding plan. Whether eco-chic or not, most brides-to-be have a long-standing relationship with a local hairstylist that must be considered with every possible beautycare resource. Should you be getting married locally or at a destination resort, this may or may not be the best hair designer for your wedding day to professionally create the required photo finish services. You will need to research the most qualified bridal party hair designers with expert hair, makeup and total image capabilities. You will definitely need someone with certified expertise in high definition hair design and makeup. Plus, you will then need to carefully explore their eco-friendly salon, services and products.

Today's eco-chic bride knows that there is more to being an earth-friendly and organic girl than mineral foundation. Start by looking for a certified eco-friendly salon that is committed to the environment and can assist you in thinking outside the box for local non-wasteful resources to complete the final details for your eco-chic wedding.

Weddings are always a very big and special event. It will take the coordination of a professional beautycare support team. While most hair designers and makeup artists can put together a bridal look; you really do need to establish a professional relationship to feel secure with your eco-friendly resources. You also need to know that when your big day comes, the beautycare team and everyone in your bridal party will be properly focused on the bride. To be sure your precious get ready time goes smoothly, assign a separate hairstylist for your wedding party to ensure the bride gets undivided attention by her beauty professional.

Eco-Friendly Bridal Beautycare: You will need to take the time to find a hair designer, makeup artist and beautycare team that is well-versed in organic, natural and eco-friendly hair, makeup, products and services. Depending upon your desired wedding image and theme for you and your bridal party, you may even need to think a bit out of the box for selection of your creative resources. Start by looking in your own closets and at the gowns you have in mind, to help you establish a wedding style that you will be comfortable with to help you create the wedding image you have always dreamed about for your big day.

Pre-Nuptial Bridal Beautycare Consultations: Be ready to interview your hair designer and beautycare team. Find a truly certified green salon! Today, most everyone claims they are green. Not everyone is truly green. Do your homework to make sure your salon, hair designer and makeup artist are from an eco-chic salon. Visit their website, review their products and their services. Be careful that they work with eco-friendly organics that are environmentally safe.

At our NAKeD Hair Salon, we really take the extra time to also interview our brides-to-be, while sharing a comprehensive pre-nuptial consultation. We really work closely with each bride, so they will be proud of their hair designs and total image wedding day photographs in 5 to 10 or more years, not just for their wedding day. Even if a bride-to-be comes in with a magazine photograph of their desired hairstyle, we discuss it fully to ensure it will really be great for them with the planned tiara, veil and accessories. Work with your hairdresser to review your entire ensemble as well as if you have a theme for the entire bridal party.

We use caution discussing everything, because sometimes the brides have so much planned, that only their bangs will really show from under the veil. You need to carefully select a dress and hair length, whether very long or tea-length while picking shoes, styles and accessories that will complement each other. When discussing your bridal hair design, you will need to select an upstyle or a down style once your hair designer explains the suggested options. Some brides may just need to wear their hair down.

There is a word of caution when trying to coordinate and control the look of the bridesmaids and moms. Try to allow some creative flexibility, so that you do not become an over-controlling bridezilla. It is best to have everyone work with the salon beautycare team together, while just sharing some basic guidelines of what you desire the total look for your bridal party.

Professional Eco-Chic Styling Teams: Try to find a hair designer and an environmentally friendly beautycare team that is totally on board as an eco-chic salon without any toxic fumes or ingredients, being respectful of our environment. Most brides today prefer to have their hair designer, makeup artist and beautycare team to come to the wedding location. No matter what, the bride should arrange to have her own hair designer and makeup artist, with one or two others for the bridesmaids, moms, the grandparents and the rest of the bridal party. You can create a Groomsman’s Party at am eco-friendly barbershop or salon, before the big day. You definitely should be prepared to help the groom, groomsmen and the dads with plans for a hair designer or barber.

Current Bridal Hair Design Options: Today, it is important to be beautiful for the day and the moment, while looking glamorous and real. For some women, this means the need to avoid over-the-top upstyle hair designs that may be too big, fancy or have too many curls. Many of today’s bridal hair fashions use soft sexy and feminine chignons and side sweeps. Some leave their hair down. Some even have a beautiful half up and half down hairstyle. If you elect to have a Renaissance or a retro-look theme for your bridal party, this actually gives the bride plenty of extra creative freedom. Even braids can be sleek and chic for brides and bridal party hair designs. Bohemian chic is now popular with soft flowing hair, using a braid across the forehead / face. The hair can also be beautifully pulled away from the face, while headbands made for the bride out of your own hair will create a lovely statement. No longer are there same ‘ol, same ‘ol cookie cutter bridal upstyles. Even the return to the ‘Great Gatsby’ look is now popular with brides. Just be careful, not to go too far over the top in your desired hair design artistry like they did in the movie. Today, your hair must complete your look. You just need to work closely with your hair designer to create the look you really want!

Haircolor, Highlights, Extensions & Hair Design Services: Talk to your hair designer about haircolor, highlights, lowlights and glossing services. This is not the time to go too bold, blonde or platinum. If your hair is too light, it may make you look a bit washed out in the photographs. Soft lowlights will often help a blonde bride’s hair look more blonde on her big day. It will be best to get a delicious organic hair glaze treatment to add glamorous shine, glow and gloss to your bridal hair design. A glaze over a pale baby light golden blonde will really have the highlights come alive with the hair glaze treatment. Your hair will always look great in the photographs, with a gloss treatment. We have an ammonia-free demi-glaze to help close the cuticle with a lower pH, so you will have happy hair and zero frizz. Toxin-free hair extensions are also a wonderful addition for any bridal hair design, whether your hair is worn up or down. Hair extensions are especially helpful if you have fine, thin or fragile hair. They are excellent to safely add thickness, body, volume, highlights and lowlights – without any chemical services. There are quite a few temporary and semi-permanent hair extension application techniques, so review these options with your hair designer. Your bridesmaids will look great with some fun accent hair extensions to complement your bridal party color and theme.

Tiaras, Head Pieces & Ornamentation: Instead of using a traditional head piece, we often suggest that you use decorative hair ornaments that are close to your heart, style and personality, while accenting a very unique and visually exciting bridal hair design. Tiara and head pieces can be very costly and may never be used again. A custom head piece made from your own hair finished off with a piece of family-owned antique jewelry such a broche or earrings can be the designed originally to the style of your wedding dress. It's a great way to include loved ones. Flowers are also a great way to embellish your crown with feathers and all sorts of fun trimmings to make you a most memorable eco-chic bride! Some brides will get a circular head piece, which may be a challenge. If needed, work with your hair designer to cut the head piece, so it may fit you better as a head band. Your customized hair design can be woven into your ornamental head piece.

Hair Ornamentation With Eco-Friendly Florists: The wedding dress sets the tone for the entire day. Eco-chic brides need to shop in your family closets and vintage shops to find many treasures that can be tailored to create an original fashion. Once this is established, your eco-chic hairstylist can then begin to create your very own tiara! Your use of flowers should complement the bride and the theme. An eco-chic salon will work closely with an organic floral designer. The bride needs to make an independent statement. With flowers as hair ornamentation accent pieces; less is more … and sometimes better.

The NAKeD Hair Salon team has an established relationship with Tailored Twig nominated number one out of the ‘Top 10 Floral Designers In The USA’. Darin Bahl of Tailored Twig works with local growers for seasonal floral options. They often use refurbished fabrics from alterations and unusual materials such as crinkled cardboard, ivy, twigs, vines and flowers to create bridal accessories and bouquets that complement to final look for the bride and her eco-chic wedding party. He also creates matching floral bridal headbands for the flower girls, using natural and recycled materials.

Eco-Chic Makeup Artistry: Photography finish with makeup artistry expertise is a must, even when going green for your wedding day. This does not mean you need to subject yourself harmful toxins! Take the time to interview your styling team of choice to ask what products they will use for you and to be certain that they are specially trained to do photo finish work for the high definition world we live in today. As professional makeup artists, we work with Kett Cosmetics for a flawless airbrush finish and Eminence Organic Skin Care. Their Chai Berry Glow has a delicious apricot glow for a beautiful highlight on your cheeks and eyes to create a natural blushing beauty!

Even if you have a favorite way to wear your makeup, be ready to work with your professional makeup artist to help complete your total look. Perhaps a soft and subtle makeup application with delicate lips and soft mascara will give you the best wedding day look with eco-friendly makeup. Whether or not you want the more defined looks with prominent eyes, false eyelashes, strong eyeliner and dramatic red lips; the full makeup application must be carefully considered ahead of time with your beautycare design team. Your practice hair and makeup session appointment will help you explore all of the makeup colors and options.

Be careful to research the potential hair and makeup product ingredients with your hair designer and makeup artist. You really must also test your makeup application with any new or special products, to ensure you will not have any skincare irritation or challenge on your wedding day. There are so many small amounts of toxins in most traditional makeup; like formaldehyde, parabens and petroleum that are not the best for you, your skin, hair or your organs. Even when used in small amounts, they will give you a cumulative effect that may eventually cause challenges that may even lead to cancer.

Look for ecologically safe, toxin-free and water resistant makeup products. Soft, plump and kissable lips are what all brides want for their wedding day. Here at Naked Hair Salon, we have created our own special formula call Naked Lip Shines that are made with ‘dragon’s blood’ to heal and sooth the lips. Naked Lip Shines come in 22 beautiful shades in a toxin-free formula that is complete with latex-free applicator. This natural, healing lip gloss is formulated with organic and wild–crafted ingredients and not with any toxic chemicals, carcinogens, parabens or animal by-products. Each tube is wrapped up in a neat container, with a lighted mirror! It is not as creamy and heavy as a lipstick nor sticky like a lip gloss, so when it comes time for the big kiss don't be shy!

Natural Nailcare: Take the extra time to work with your nailcare artist to review all of the safe and eco-friendly nailcare artistry options. Like Zoya Nailcare, there are nail polishes and removers that are perfectly safe and not toxic.

Professional Eco-Friendly Haircare Products: You will need to carefully consider your eco-friendly beautycare products. Ask your salon to recommend a professional haircare and skincare regimen that will get your hair and skin in shape for your wedding, while also maintaining your looks for the honeymoon and well after the wedding. You will need a regimen that will work for you with the location, weather and conditions for your wedding date. Today, there are some terrific eco-friendly professional haircare brands such as Sojourn and Davines. For example, hairspray is often the most toxic for you and the environment. We love eco-chic professional Davines Haircare! They have a safe and gasless hairspray that offers touchable shiny hair that is perfect for the Florida heat and humidity, while it will capably help hold your tiara in place. With an eco-friendly product manufacturer that uses wind and solar power, they use an array of natural ingredients. We also use Sojourn Haircare which is toxin and gluten-free. Their products are 100% bio-degradable, hypo-allergenic, pure and free of all toxins.

Eco-Extras: We suggest that you have an eco-friendly masseuse available for the bride, groom and the wedding party, even if it is just to provide chair massages in the morning, while everyone is waiting their turn to have their hair and makeup styled. Hand, neck and shoulder massage therapies will help relieve the stress of the day.

Gifts Of Beauty! Make sure you first select a hair designer and team that truly connect with you, your wishes and dreams. Once you analyze the potential costs per person, it is always a great idea to gift the hair and makeup services for your entire bridal party inclusive of the bridesmaids, groomsmen, moms and dads, so everyone will look their very best while being well coordinated by your beautycare and style teams. Most of them have already had to incur extra expenses to support you with dresses, shoes, gifts and possibly travel expenses. By taking care of this expense, it will allow you to control everything ensuring the day will go as smooth as possible.

Eco-Beauty: At Naked Hair Salon & More, we fuse our passion for environmental preservation with our talent for provocative style to create a superior, natural salon experience that leaves you beautiful inside and out. We are dedicated to use of eco-friendly products that preserve Mother Earth’s resources and support the health of our clients. We prove that crafting fashion forward looks need not come at the expense of our planet.

Eco-Healthy: At Naked Hair Salon & More, we wrap your body in the restorative gifts provided by our natural environment. When you step into our holistic salon, you will instantly feel soothed by the ambiance of our comfortable eco-chic setting equipped with earthy recycled furnishings, local artwork, natural lighting, and crisp air and water purified by top-of-the-line filtration systems. Your body will feel invigorated as we treat your hair, skin, nails, mind and soul to natural, organic, non-toxic products like our ammonia-free, enzyme-based haircolor and nearly-edible skincare products. Finally, your mood will soar when you get a glimpse of your gorgeous new look, sculpted by our visionary and experienced NAKeD Hair Artistic Team.

Eco-Activist: We take our passion for the environment beyond the confines of our salon. We dedicate our time and resources to global projects aimed at conserving the environment and raising awareness, such as Hair for Oil Spills, Clean the World, Look Good Feel Better, Movember and Plant for the Planet Foundation. By pampering yourself at salons like Naked Hair Salon & More, you will not only look great, you will also feel great knowing that your patronage will help us help the environment.

NAKeD Hair Salon & More: Janine & Adam Shuman are nationally and internationally respected leaders in eco-friendly beautycare services and owners of the NAKeD Hair Salon. They are members of the National Association of Eco-Friendly Salons & Spas and the National Green Energy Council. Their expertise and their salon have been recognized as 100% certified eco-friendly, in harmony with all living things while providing cruelty-free people, planet and animal friendly beautycare. Naked Hair Salon & More was proclaimed as the only salon and number 3 in the world for eco-chic beauty resources by Ralph Avallone, the Secretary General of the U.S. Green Energy Council. They lead a cohesive, artistic and very talented group of individuals with a NAKeD heart-centered connection. They are eco-chic beauty professionals who care to make a difference in the world!

With proper planning, your wedding will be an absolute wonderful opportunity to celebrate your love with earth-friendly services and eco-chic products!

For a complimentary eco-chic beautycare consultation, visit the NAKeD Hair Salon in Delray Beach, Florida 033444, call 561-265-3396 or for more information, visit

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