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Bridal and evening gowns designed with Spanx make you look sleek and sexy

World-renowned couture designer, Galia Lahav, @galialahav showcased her Spring 2015 Bridal and Evening Collection over the weekend at The Glass Houses Penthouse, in New York City. Guests were treated to a spectacular sunset over the Hudson River while enjoying the show.

La Dolce Vita Bridal and Moon Struck Evening Collection Spring 2015
Photo credit: Tracey Fitzpatrick

But brides-to-be listen up. Even more amazing than the sunset, is these form fitting, feminine, yet sultry gowns are designed with Spanx, and removable parts. Galia and her design partner, Sharon Sever, talked with me about their inspiration. “We have designed for a unique, new generation of women who can finally enjoy their wedding day without feeling restrained. Our fabrics are all very flexible, made with silk, lycra and Spanx, so you can sit, eat, dance and have fun.” Hey, what a concept. Guess I got married too soon, because I definitely could not sit, let alone eat, in my restraints!

These multi-functional dramatic wedding dresses have detachable trains, sleeves, and fabric. No more stepping on your gown while dancing. Galia says, “all her gowns are constructed into unique shapes that perfectly plunge and hug every curve at just the right place, no matter what your dress size.” She also incorporates elaborate hand-embroidery, beading and non-traditional necklines and revealing open backs.

Galia used a “sky theme” to depict her Moon Struck Evening Collection, made to mimic the moon’s reflection amongst the stars. This is apparent in the shimmery black shades and textured sheer fabrics. And “earth” was chosen for the La Dolce Vita Bridal collection, evoking romantic themes from the Amalfi Coast of Italy. The collection uses intricate iridescent beadwork, and vintage sun-kissed lace to create a mix of old world romance and modern day silhouettes.

So ladies, now you can have your cake, and, eat it too on your wedding day, in a Galia Lahav couture, and, comfy bridal gown!

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