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Brianna Sage to Perform at Rascone Writers Night, Millennium Maxwell House Hotel

Singer songwriter Brianna Sage lives in New York and has written with some of the most successful songwriters in this world like Carole King, Marc Copely, Miles Zuniga, Ed Robertson, Gary Burr and Mark Hudson.

Photos of Brianna Sage
Photos of Brianna Sage
2014 Brianna
Brianna Sage
2014 Brianna

Brianna will be performing with some great friends at Rascone’s Writers Night held at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel on Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. I spoke to Brianna the other day about her trip to Nashville and her plans for the future. That conversation went like this. So you were born in Texas?

A I was born in Dallas but we actually moved to Hawaii when I was three. We were there pretty much until I was eleven and we moved back to Austin, Texas so I was there for a bit and then moved to New York when I was eighteen.

Q Where are you in New York?

A I technically still live in New York. I moved to the city for about three years and now I live in Brooklyn. I am just down in Nashville listening to music and writing and considering the move.

Q Okay, when you say New York, do you mean Manhattan when you say the city?

A Yeah, Manhattan and now I am in Brooklyn.

Q Okay, I am from New York.

A Where are you from?

Q I was born in Brooklyn, I lived the first four years in Queens, we moved to Kentucky because of American Airline and then from age 6 to I was 38, I lived on Long Island.

A How long have you been in Nashville?

Q We are here three years now.

A Nice. Nice.

Q Out of all the cities in this country, Nashville is my favorite city. I can travel around it with no problem and not get lost. I find it is a user friendly place, much more so than other cities.

A Yeah, for sure.

Q So you are considering making the move to Nashville?

A I am. I have a lot of friends that have moved down here from New York in the last couple of years. I kind of wanted to check out what the hype was about. I had visited a few times but I hadn’t spent a good amount of time here. I came down in January and started doing some writing. I have been playing a few shows. I might do a little recording before I head back. I wanted to see what it was like and I am really enjoying my time down here. I feel like it’s very conducive to what I’m doing and just being a musician in general. It is really hard to make it work in New York anymore. Everybody was kind of moving out to Brooklyn and now Brooklyn is getting to expensive so it is kind of pushing everybody out. I have had a great experience here with people being super open and great at collaborations and it’s been a great experience for me.

Q And it’s more laid back.

A Yeah exactly. It’s just got a whole different feel and it’s just very inviting isn’t it?

Q Yeah it is. I feel that there is a little bit more of a sense of there is enough to go around here.

We talked about her show on Wednesday, April 23rd at Maxwell’s. She has invited Jeff Cohen to play with her.

Jeff Cohen is a multi-award winning songwriter and producer. Jeff has had songs recorded by Big and Rich, Macy Gray, Nick Lachey, The Band Perry, Josh Groban, Sugarland and many more. Jeff’s songs have been featured in movies like My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Grandma’s Boy, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Stuart Little 2 and his songs have been in TV shows like Reba, Smallville, and Dawson’s Creek, Party of Five, One Tree Hill, The Exes (theme song) and many more.

Dianna Corcoran will also be joining Brianna. Dianna is one of Australia’s country music’s most distinguished songwriters and vocalist. Dianna is a 2-time Golden Guitar Winner. Dianna has just released her 3rd album entitled, “Keep Breathing.” This album was produced by Grammy Award winner Rebecca Lynn Howard & Elisha Hoffman.

Phil Barton is also from Australia but he sure has blazed a trail of success for himself in the US. Phil co-wrote the song, “A Woman Like You,” with Johnny Bulford that Lee Brice took to all the way to Hits-ville. Phil has also written songs recorded by David Nail and Dustin Lynch.

It is going to be quite a night at Millennium Maxwell House Hotel in the Maxwell Lounge. There is no cover. Get there early as this is going to be one exciting night of music and first come get seated. The night of Music starts at 7:00 p.m. For more about Brianna, check out her website at:

Millennium Maxwell House, 2025 Rosa L. Parks Boulevard, Nashville, TN, 37228

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