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Briana Comes to Alpharetta to Promote “Be Book Smart” with Macy’s

Macy's Events for the kids with Sahar Simmons
pics by M. Colbert

Briana comes to North point Mall to participate in "Be Book Smart" with Macy's. The importance of getting kids to read is demonstrated with the current promotion Macy's has with various authors of children's books. Recently, another Atlanta area Macy's hosted a reading from the popular series Curious George. However, on this overcast and slightly rainy Saturday, June 28th Macy's in Alpharetta held an informal reading session for kids led by Sahar Simmons, author of Briana Goes Green. During this fun filled event Simmons turned a rainy day into an incredible day to read and utilize your imagination. The children's author played with the kids and even took a moment to share some interesting details about herself and the character Briana.

Briana Goes Green- Briana Goes Green is the newest book released from the Briana series. This tale follows the character as she learns about the environment. She also shows the ways young people can participate in making a change in the environment. The author Sahar Simmons was on site to read the book to the young audience. Along with the reading, Macy's kids were treated to a candy station, face painting, balloon station, an arts and crafts station, and even DJ Vince Howard, from House of Music Entertainment, was on scene to keep the music pumping.

Be Book Smart Campaign-The Be Book Smart Campaign launched on June 18th to help inspire kids to read more books and recognize that reading is just as fun as other activities. Macy's partnered with Reading is Fundamental (RIF) in a successful venture that has given over 10 million books to children. Their goal is to spark the imagination of children using books as a tool.

Brooklyn New York- Right before the event started Sahar Simmons took a moment to answer a few questions about her new book and tell a little about her background. This gifted author of children's books currently lives in Atlanta although she is from Brooklyn New York.

The Neighborhood- In fact, New York is the back drop for some of the stories about the character Briana. The author says the neighborhoods in Georgia are quite different from the neighborhoods in New York. One of the biggest differences she believes is that Brooklyn has more of a mufti-cultural feel within the different communities.

Red Boots Series- Next, the author revealed that she is also working with a Red Boots Series. Red Boots Series is designed for preteens to teenagers who want to boost their self esteem and confidence. The author feels that a lot of the negative images we see of some young ladies can decrease as they become more aware of the power they have within. Simmons shared that red boots were a symbol of her own self empowerment. The red cowboy boots symbolize actual shoes that she would hardly wear because she had a boyfriend who disliked the cowboy boots and that in turn caused Simmons to feel doubtful about her own beauty and self worth. Fortunately, leaving this relationship helped the author to realize his views were hurtful and unhealthy. Now, the boots symbolize that you can wear whatever you like and not to let someone else dictate how you feel about yourself.

Books are Tangible- Sahar Simmons definitely has a positive message for young people and the Briana series of books is a great book to add to any child's collection. The empowering author is adamant that while technology is an ever trending tool with young people it is still important to have a book in hand to read, turn pages, and feel. She emphatically believes nothing comes close to the tangible feeling of having an actual book. Once the author began to read to the young people they became engrossed in the tale and thoroughly enjoyed the adventure. One of the youngest readers on hand even danced with the character Briana. Later the author and Briana were on hand to take pictures and interact with the group. This is certainly a reading adventure few of them will forget any time soon.

Thanks to Macy's, Reading is Fundamental, and Sahar Simmons for the great Saturday afternoon.

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