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Brian Torchin: Satisfying America’s growing demand for health care personnel

Hospital staff treat patients
Hospital staff treat patients
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The health care staffing industry is expected to grow by seven percent in 2014, according to Staffing Industry Analysts. As the Baby Boomers age the demand for health care grows in tandem. Meanwhile, there continues to be a shortage of health care personnel, resulting in health care industry personnel vacancies. Thus, health care organizations will have the opportunity to utilize health care-staffing agencies to fill vacancies in their staffs.

The question for health care organizations then becomes: Which staffing agency or recruiter should a medical practice use?

For health care organizations managing systemic changes in the American health care system, the right health care staffing agency or recruiter will be the one that can flexibly provide personnel solutions, instead of just temporary staff members.

The Affordable Care Act has created a large swath of newly insured Americans, the majority of which are young and healthy. This influx of newly insured Americans will likely seek health care through outpatient providers, primary care, and preventative services, according to the Staffing Industry Analysts. As a result, these types of health care providers will generate increased demand for health care staffing.

More importantly, perhaps, the health care staffing industry will be affected by the change within the health care industry to pay-for-outcome payment models. Health care providers will be reimbursed based on outcomes like re-admission rates and reduced unfavorable outcomes.

This presents an opportunity for health care staffing agencies to act more as holistic solution-providers to health care providers, providing them with staffing consultation that will help improve outcomes.

Brian Torchin and the Health Care Recruitment Counselors are the type of staffing agency that can help health care providers facing a changing health care climate.

Torchin gained an understanding of the health care industry through serving as a physician of chiropractic practice, before managing and staffing medical practices in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Florida. Mr. Torchin now serves as president of Health Care Recruitment Counselors (HCRC), one of the nation’s major healthcare staffing agencies.

More relevantly, Torchin and HCRC provide consulting services to the health care providers they work with. Torchin is an active thought leader within the health care-staffing community. He keeps a blog on the HCRC website and discusses topics relevant to health care providers like utilizing social networks to attract patients. And Torchin’s personal reputation as a recruiter and staffer within the healthcare industry speaks for itself.

Dr. Mayer Green, of Consultants of America, said of Torchin, “…we can honestly say that [Brian Torchin’s] integrity, honesty, and professionalism are unmatched. By far he is the number one recruiter in the USA.”

Brian Torchin and HCRC are the type of health care staffing agency that health care providers navigating the changing health care landscape should utilize.

As an organization, and through its leadership in Torchin, HCRC possesses the expertise that will allow it as a staffing agency to provide the timely expertise that medical practices in America’s changing health care landscape desperately need.

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