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Brian Torchin: Recruiter of Great Chiropractors

Brian Torchin, president of Health Care Recruitment Counselors LLC, is responsible for finding the best chiropractors out there for everyday folks with mild to moderate back pain. Having been a chiropractor himself for many years, he takes pride in bringing the public physicians in his trade that they can trust.

So, what is a visit to the chiropractor like? Well, the first thing they’ll usually ask you upon entering their office is whether or not you have had any past injuries and/or illnesses. The truth is a lot of times folks avoid coming to the doctor for seemingly small things that they feel will heal on their own. For example, a man may work in a job where there is a lot of bending and lifting, and may feel pain after he gets home from work or in the morning as he gets out of bed. The over the counter meds will get him through the workday, but in reality he is just masking the possibly serious injury from himself. As time goes on it gets worse and worse, and eventually he goes to see a chiropractor for something that could’ve been nipped in the bud from the beginning if he hadn’t been so stubborn. But that’s okay. He’s not the first or the last person to prolong his much needed medical attention, and folks like Brian are trained in helping him in his recovery.

Common second questions that chiropractors like Brian ask is what kind of lifestyle a person lives. As many of us know, what we do every day directly affects our long-term health, and the developments of negative habits can have a profuse effect on things like back pain. The kinds of chiropractors that Brian helps to recruit realize this, and they try to get their patients into good, healthy routines so that they can become more physically mobile and independent over the course of their therapy.

Another question that seems to follow that one is the type of mental stress they may have in their lives. It may seem a little far-fetched to the average person, but mental aggravation can definitely cause bodily fatigue, especially in and around the back area. The helpful chiropractors that Brian recruits assist their patients with things that they may be doing to try to decrease this type of stress, like turning to drugs and alcohol to relax, and instead getting them to apply exercise and/or meditation techniques in the place of those negative, self-destructive habits.

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