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Brian Ryan seeks second belt against Kyle Keeney

Kyle Keeney vs. Eli Harris at Cage Warrior Combat Presents Throwdown in Jamestown 3.
Kyle Keeney vs. Eli Harris at Cage Warrior Combat Presents Throwdown in Jamestown 3.
By C. Marunde.

AFC heavyweight champion Brian Ryan (17-4) will fight for his second strap, the Alaska Heavyweight Championship title, Sept 10th, at Tag Team MMA’s 3rd event against Washington-based Kyle “Kodiak” Keeney (9-4).

Organizer Jason Hutchings spoke about the implication of the match. “This is going to be Brian’s toughest fight since Ricco Rodriguez. Kyle Keeney, from Seattle, trains with UFC vet Dennis Hallman and has great stand up. Kyle also just TKO’d former light-heavyweight champ Jesus Rivera which is not only Brian’s teammate but friend as well.”

Hutchings continued, “Brian is very motivated and is in great shape. Kyle likes to stand and bang and he said that if Brian isn’t training hard it will be a short night for him so he is very confident. This will be a stand up war no doubt.”

Ryan, who has a penchant for knocking people out, says that is exactly how he plans on exacting revenge on Kyle for beating his teammate Rivera. “KO,” he said. “Isn’t that how they all end?” What about going after his second belt? “Hadn’t thought about it actually. I guess I’m treating this just like any other fight.”

And what does he know about his opponents strengths and weaknesses? “I don't know anything about my opponent. I never research my opponents or watch video. It gives a lot of misconceived notions of what your opponent may do or can do. I like to just wing it as it happens.”

When I asked Kyle about Brian’s attempt to avenge his teammate’s loss, he said, “Good luck.” What about Brian’s well-known punching power? “I respect it,” he answered, “but I'm definitely not scared of it.”

And how has his training been going at Victory Athletics with Dennis Hallman? “It’s great,” he said. “I get to train with the best training partners in the world and my preparation for the fight is going awesome."

Who's responsible for that nickname? “I got the nickname ‘Kodiak’ from my coach Dennis Hallman because my favorite animal is a bear and he said it went with my name.”

And how does he think his championship match will play out? “I think it’s going to be an all out war and whoever has the most intestinal fortitude will win. You're definitely gonna get your money’s worth.”

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