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Brian McKnight sues accountant for failing to pay his taxes for over ten years

Brian McKnight owes over $1million in taxes
Brian McKnight owes over $1million in taxes

Stories of celebrities failing to pay their taxes seem to be popping up all over the blogs and the news sites as of lately and now according to TMZ, singer/songwriter Brian McKnight can now add his name to that list with an outstanding tax debt of over one million dollars and now he's suing his accountant because of it as reported on Tuesday Feb. 19.

Vernon Brown and Company, McKnight's long time accountant is being sued by the McKnight camp claiming that Brown ruined his life by not paying any of Brian's taxes for close to a decade, resulting not only in more than one million dollars in back taxes, but also more than $500 thousand in penalties and interest.

McKnight is also claiming that once Brown discovered how much of a mess and financial disaster he created, he secretly involved a United States congressman, Henry Waxman to help cover up his misdeeds. Reports claim that with the assistance of Waxman, the IRS agreed to allow Brown, on McKnight's behalf to enter into an installment plan agreement to repay the tax money owed but Brown defaulted on that agreement and the back taxes were never paid.

McKnight is claiming that not only has his life been turned upside down by this mishaps but his son's life is being negatively influenced as well. Both McKnight and son share the same name and the suspension of what should've have only been Brian's driver's license for failure to pay taxes has lapsed over and effected his son as well, resulting in the suspension of his license as well.

In addition to a suspended driver's license reports are claiming that McKnight's credit is in the worse shape, a lien has been placed on his house, his music royalties have been frozen and he's been placed on California's 'Top 500 Delinquent Taxpayers list."