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Brian McKeever, legally blind cross-country skier, to ski in Olympics and Paralympics (Slide show)

Brian McKeever of Canmore, Alberta has 10% vision, and has just made Olympic history.

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McKeever will compete in the Olympics as part of the Canadian cross-country ski team.  A four-time Paralympic gold medal winner, McKeever has had his brother, former Olympian Robin McKeever, as a guide.  In the Olympics, he'll be on his own. He qualified by winning a 50-kilometre Olympic trial race.

Now 30, McKeever started to lose his sight when he was 18.  It hasn't slowed down his athletic career.

In comparing the Olympics to the Paralympics, McKeever has made the point that there is not a big difference between the calibre of athleticism required to compete in each.

Canada's cross-country Olympic team has six men and five women, and is called the "Best ever" on the official website of the Canadian Olympic Committee.

See "Best-Ever Cross-Country Ski Team Nominated for 2010 Olympic Winter Games" (Canadian Olympic Committee official website).