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Former 'Ghost Hunters' star Brian Harnois took his fans' money and ran

It has been a year since former "Ghost Hunters" star Brian Harnois stole from his fans and disappeared.
It has been a year since former "Ghost Hunters" star Brian Harnois stole from his fans and disappeared.
Photos courtesy of Facebook via Entities-R-Us

Former "Ghost Hunters" and "Ghost Hunters International" star Brian Harnois is still under attack from his fans. It has been a year since the paranormal investigator has being accused of stealing money from his supporters and according to the fans, he still owes them refunds.

Harnois is no stranger to modern drama. During his three-season stint on "Ghost Hunters" he was the show's drama king and a fan-favorite. Nearly every one of the 36 episodes Harnois was in, it seemed that he was at the center of some sort of chaos. Harnois gained a large cult following of fans from appearing on the "Ghost Hunters" show.

In December 2012, Harnois wrote and posted a cryptic message on his Facebook page that some people believed was a suicide note. His wife, Michelle Harnois filed a missing person report the same day with the Warwick Police Department after not seeing him for a few days. Harnois was found safe the following day.

"I do not know the details but Brian has been found safe and is currently on his way to get mental treatment." Michelle Harnois said in a post about the incident on her Twitter page.

A lot of people in the paranormal community believe that Harnois staged the incident to get attention and build buzz for a comeback. He even lashed out at some fans regarding his December disappearance.

Shortly after the suicide incident, Harnois announced that he would be doing a series of speaking events on the "Dude, Run! Tour" and some fans that have supported him in this venture allegedly got scammed out of their money. A few of them have tried to reach out to him on his various Facebook accounts but Harnois either ignores them, censors their comments, or insults them.

"If anybody who has ever watched 'Ghost Hunters' had paid attention to Brian's personality and habits, the dude never owned up to his constant incompetence on the show. I can bet given Brian's collective impulses, he will rear his ugly head once again, the guy craves attention and affirmation, even if it's negative. Also, he deserves all the backlash he's getting from his lack of integrity and honesty. When you put yourself into the public light, you deserve a public response," fan Roberto Vasquez said in a post on Harnois' Facebook page today.

Harnois vanished from the paranormal community and abandoned his fans last June and hasn't been back since. The only online presence that he has now is a Twitter account where he is known as "B to the R I A N" and uses the call sign @Darth_Wheezy. Harnois mostly uses his Twitter account to flirt with young women and rant about the Buffalo Bills and "Star Wars" memorabilia.

Fans that have paid Harnois for items last year still have yet to receive them. One fan, Cheryl Baricko even accused him of stealing her payment and claimed that he refused issuing a refund for an upcoming event.

"Man up and stop removing posts that show the truth. My husband posted where you posted anyone can get a refund if they cancel with in seven days before the event," Baricko posted on Harnois' Facebook page.

Harnois doesn't seem to care that he is turning his large fan base into enemies. He constantly tries to make excuses to them about the tickets to events and products that they ordered.

"Everyone I owe T-shirts, DVD's, or 8 x 10s to will be getting them this week or the following week. I've had a very big problem with getting everyone's information together because of lack of a computer and misinformation." Harnois attempted to do some damage control by posting an excuse on his Facebook fan page.

After all of the excuses and broken promises, Harnois didn't commit to resolving the issues with his fans. He ended up vanishing with their money like a ghost.

"So if anyone thinks he is a nice guy, he is a thief. Check RI court records. He has a world of court trouble coming this week for ripping people off and most likely will be arrested again." According to Baricko, this isn't the first time Harnois has stolen from fans.

In April 2013, the Warwick Police Department issued a bench warrant for Harnois regarding an alleged theft from Wal-Mart that occurred in March 2012. Some folks think that Harnois is using the money to pay the rest of his overdue court costs. So far he has only paid a few small payments, with the last one paid on May 29, 2014. Harnois still owes $335 in restitution fines.

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