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Bria Kelly advances to the live rounds on The Voice

Bria Kelly, the former America's Got Talent contestant from Season 7, has survived the playoffs and will advance to the live rounds on NBC's The Voice.

Bria Kelly on The Voice
NBC / The Voice / Youtube

Building up to her performance, the coaches said that Kelly appeared to be second-guessing herself during the knockout rounds. Kelly herself stated similar feelings, but also that she had been given a guitar by her father, which she likened to having her family with her on stage.

For her playoff performance, Kelly chose "Wild Horses" by the Rolling Stones. With this, Kelly demonstrated a remarkable range, starting off soft and intimate, but gradually building to her Joplin-esque power chords.

Kelly still has yet to top her performance of "Steamroller Blues" during the blind auditions, though to be fair, doing so will not be easy for anyone. This was, however, a definite return to form for the AGT veteran.

Adam Levine reiterated how awful he felt about not having Bria on her team, while Blake Shelton noted that he stole every artist she defeated in the knockout rounds, which he suggested was because she makes everyone try that much harder.

When Usher made his final decision, Bria Kelly was the first artist picked. She will be representing Team Usher live along with singer Josh Kaufman and T.J. Wilkins.

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