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Brewing Up Listeners

Check out the Beer Geeks every Saturday morning!
Derek Warren

There is something new brewing in Northeast Pennsylvania, allowing for the radio to get a bit more interesting. Every Saturday morning, the Beer Geeks are hitting the airwaves on 102.3 Sports Hub to discuss beer news, beer reviews, beer history, and anything and everything beer related. If you consider yourself a “beer geek,” then this is the show for you.

The Beer Geeks Radio Hour begins at 10 a.m. EST every Saturday. The hour is jam-packed with beer knowledge, beer tasting, and beer talking. Also, if you are outside the listening area (Northeast Pennsylvania) than you can stream the show live from the stations website!

The Beer Geeks inaugural show was Dec. 14 and will continue as a weekly broadcast indefinitely. The show itself seeks to bring more beer knowledge to NEPA. The hour is hosted by local radio celeb Fast Freddie, Johnny Blindside, and, yours truly, Derek Warren.

The idea for the show has been brewing (pardon the pun) for quite some time. There has been a strong and growing demand for all things craft beer in the area. There are a vast amount of great local craft breweries, bars, and retailers, with more coming ever year. The radio show seemed like a natural progression.

“The show seeks to have something for everyone,” Freddie said. “We want to inform the public on great beers but also give them a bit of information on where the beer comes from and also entertain at the same time.”

Entertainment truly is the key while relaying some of the information, as it can be a bit dry to the casual drinker. However, “We are not beer snobs,” Johnny proudly stated. “We are beer lovers.”

The show is still in the beginning stages but has very high aspirations. Each week the show will take a unique look at beers, whether they’re broken into categories, breweries, or themes of some kind as to help the listener gain a deeper appreciation for his or her beer.

The shows right now are still only available to listen to live, but in the future, Beer Geeks will transition itself into being available in podcast format and will have even more content available that you can download and take anywhere with you for never-ending beer knowledge.

The New Year also looks to bring in many guests to discuss beers, whether it is craft beer newbies to try craft beer for the first time live on air, local chefs discussing food and beer pairings, head brewers from some of your favorite brewers, or a slew of other entertaining and engaging possibilities.

Unlike many radio shows that are preprogrammed and not designed truly for the listener at home, the Beer Geek Radio Hour is made entirely for the listener at home to enjoy.

“We do this because we want to help people get more enjoyment from their beer,” Johnny said.

Whether you are a beer geek, beer fan, or casual beer drinker, every Saturday morning, sit down, crack open a cold one, and tune into the Beer Geek Radio Hour – you’ll have at least three friends to drink along with you.

For more information on the Beer Geeks Radio hour check out their website

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